UNICEF, World Chefs in Myanmar,- Feed the Planet, MCA, Feed the Planet

UNICEF, World Chefs in Myanmar,- Feed the Planet, MCA, Feed the Planet

April 4, 2019 Events General News 0

UNICEF, World Chefs in Myanmar,- Feed the Planet, MCA, Feed the Planet &

FOOD HEROES PROGRAM, 250 children Educated, YANGON 03.04.19

MCA Chefs train some 250 Myanmar – Yangon Children in Healthy Food where my food come from, who is involved in my food production & grow, how is my food packed, how far does my food travel, how much food waste do I produce, all the 17 Golden Global Goals where chefs can easy create a difference and focus on a better & sustainable world of tomorrow…..

After being briefed well online the past 10 weeks by World Chefs Paris office and specially Mrs Linnh and provided with much useful and self explaining teaching material, the past 2 weeks the Myanmar Chefs Association team under lead of Ma Thuzar Myint – Food technologist and specialist in Food safety and nutrition last meetings were held on Sunday 31.3.19 in Yangon together with Frankie Thant which supported the Myanmar Worls Chefs team of Feed the Planet on Food Hero with all his technical skills and setting up all by World Chefs provided teaching material for the combined Food Education lessons planned for 3.4.2019.  

Daw Thuzar arranged also the support of the Myanmar Free Funeral Service Society which provided with all facilities and free of charge all technical support of PA, all training hall set up and more volunteers next to MCA chefs helping the training.

Aghee and Pastry alliance baked some snacks for the coffee brakes and good organic Shwe Yin Mar Coffee was sponsored for refreshments.

MCA & Chef s like to thank to actor U Kyaw Thu and his wife Daw Shwe Zin Kywt for the generous support for public education.

2 sessions were planned , 1. at morning for elder children / students with potential aim for train the trainer sessions in some weeks so here an information on the all program , and 2nd the class for children from this part of Yangon. over 80 children joined – together with parents or friends the afternoon class saw over 150 people taking the Food Hero lessons and team works , 106 students were sitting the Feed the Planet, World Chefs & UNICEF program in the morning.

Main lecturer were Chef Oliver E Soe Thet, Mrs Khet Khet and Mrs Thuzar Myint,- Frankie Thant assisted with all technical arrangements and several chefs next to Moe Moe Khaing, Ye Minn Soe, Ye Nanda Khin as well U Kyin Zaw assisted for all group work to the students and children.

The highlight was the handover of the certificates to all children- where each child and student had to write three promises on the certificate how and where they would change their eating habits to a better one. As all program was about; where my food come from, who is involved in my food, how is my food packed, how far does my food travel, how much food waste do I produce, all the 17 Golden Global Goals where chefs can easy create a difference to the world in at least 13 of the goals in their kitchens, restaurants and menus . Where chefs can help educate their guests , plan ZERO Food Waste, Zero single use Plastic, Healthy Food, Local sourced Food.

Thank you very much to Mrs Linh of World Chefs Paris Office for the great support and guidance to all steps, the fantastic education material with Power point presentations and movies, tools and poster to print out and use easy . Every one teach with a bit commend sense.

Next Trainings already planned at Future Kids School Yangon and Ngapali English School of Yoma Cherry Mrs Sue after water festival, as well requests came already from Southern Myanmar – Moullamine a special education center for kids. Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw MCA chefs chapter will follow and Ngapali – Rakhine MCA chapter will be trained at first week of March, possible to reach a near 1000 students by end of May 2019 with further trainings through a snowball system to all Myanmar areas.

A train the trainer course we will install at the FFSS institute which has many volunteer teacher for the grass route level township s in Yangon , we will meet also here after the water festival and than let them multiple the good message of ZERO Food Waste, Healthy Food, Zero Plastic.

If you want to get this Training for School Kids 6 to 14 years, contact: angelatmyanmar@gmail.com / 01 501123 Mrs Khin Khet Khet Khaing, MCA Secretary.

Below see our time schedule for the 250 plus students trained in two sessions on 3.4.19 at Yangon s Free Funeral Service Society s education center by Myanmar Chefs Association EXCOM and volunteer chefs. Thank you to all who participated thanks World Chefs and Mrs Linh again for this great tool to keep the world a better one, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon 3.4.2019  

  1. World Chefs – FOOD HEROES PROGRAM, YANGON 03.04.19

Program start at 9:30

1, Introduction by FFSS                                  ( 10mins ) by DawShwe Zee Kywt of FFSS

2, Introduction by MCA about

a, MCA & Food Hero .

b,Knowledge Sharing                                     (40mins) by Mr. Oliver E Soe Thet

c.Q&A                                                               (10 mins)

3, What’s the Sustainable Development    ( 40 mins) by DawKhetKhet

               a, Video show                                                 ( 5 mins)

b, Q & A                                                            (10 mins)


Coffee Break at 10:30                                  (30 mins)


11:00 AM continued

4,The Global Goals                                                        (30mins) by DawKhetKhet

5, Food Hero Program                                   ( 40 mins) by Daw Thu ZarMyint

a, Food Safety & Nutritional diet plan

(zeroTransfat )

b,”Consumer Awareness upon Safe Food Consumption ”

c, Q& A                                              (10mins)


6, Conclusion for Food Hero connected

by Chefs ‘s Activity in 15 Golds     (10 mins) by Mr. Oliver


7, Photo taking Section                                 (10 mins)



1:30 PMEvening section will take as follows,


Introduction of MCA & Food Hero  workshop (page 2,3 of guidelines18)( Mr Oliver) 30 mins


Start  Food Safety workshop Appendix.(A)Food Plate >       KhetKhet +Exercise =40 mins

(B) Global Goals-17 >                                                                   DTZ + Exercise =10 mins

(C)What’s on my plate ~ conne8with GG17 >                         DTZ + explanation =10 mins

(D) Self Assessment>                                                                    Khet + Exercises = 15 mins

(E)10 Tips to reduce Food Waste >                                                          DTZ,Food safety= 15 mins

(F) Conclusion > -Certificate                                                                      Khet” I am Food Hero” = 10 mins

(G)Questions and Answer                                                                          = 5 mins

Workshop closed about 16:00 PM.

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