At Global World Stage,- Myanmar Chefs Association MCA

At Global World Stage,- Myanmar Chefs Association MCA

March 29, 2019 Events General News 0

At Global World Stage,- Myanmar Chefs Association MCA,

World Chefs Without Borders,- Americas in Aid Fundraising Dinner,,,,26.- 28.3.2019

40.000 $ US raised at one Charity Cook Off at Fort Harrison in Clearwater Tampa Bay Florida – USA, with Cuisine from Myanmar, Ecuador, USA, Germany, Canada, Thailand…for the World Chefs Without Borders mission to the needy and support of the unfortunate people in today s world.

Myanmar introduced to the 400 VIP top guests the ” Lephet Thoke “, pickled Tea leave Salad in different versions as the Traditional set, the cabbage & tomatoes mixed version as well a Myanmar – American Culinary hand shake with a pickled Tea leave Micro Salad and a Lephet – Olive Oil dressing combined with a California Cream Cheese pickled Tea Leave infused and with crispy beans & pulses topped for a Vegan Lephet – Focaccia… Sure a great step for Myanmar cuisine onto the world stage of Cuisine and Fine Dining and specially here in the USA….A great boost for export of Myanmar marine and Agriculture Products as also Myanmar Coffee already.

Introducing Myanmar Cuisine to a Global society with pictures of Bagan and Ancient Mrauk Oo in Rakhine to treasures of a Myanmar History.

The top of the evening was Mr Jim of Global Power & Gas which donated 25.000 $ US already by himself and is much looking forward to visit Myanmar, Rakhine and it s people.

Most thanks, must go to the Hotel Group s Manager Mr Eric Hilgers, Mrs Lisa & Mrs Pamela for all front arrangements, Corporate Chef Zoltan Vajna, The Fort Harrison Chefs Barry Reid, Kevin Maier, Daniele Cancian, Sharni Rabey, Vincent Blancato for all their hospitality and support in their Kitchens.

Also with the culinary highlight of cooking for all homeless and needy people at the St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen on 26.3.19 with a great meal and toiletry items for these fine people living on the streets.

All was under the lead of Chef Vanessa & Rene Marquis in an exceptional effort and wonderful arrangements into all details ,- The ACF Tampa Chapter Chefs Michael Thrash & Geoffrey Blanchette which will be in three weeks already visiting Myanmar as many people wanted more to know about the NEW Burma – Myanmar and visiting more Myanmar Cuisine and its people at Peaceful Places where people living in Harmony the most important essence of success, peace & harmony.

With best greetings from Florida – USA, when at same time MCA members taking care daily of 3000 people in need with ” A Sweet Piece of a Healthy Roll ” for children & elder people taken from their normal daily lives at the moment thank you here also to all MCA members support this important Aid Mission as Chefs give back to Society in Myanmar. A very very special thank you here also to a great humanitarian member of Rakhines and Myanmar Hospitality Industry for the boost in funding through a great donation….( more on this MCA-WCWB aid mission soon …. )

On 3.4. – 4.4.19 MCA Chefs under the lead of Daw Thuzar Myint & Ma Khet Khet will start the Global Food Heroes at Yangon teaching young children and volunteers to spread the world chefs words on healthy Food and Nutrition folling the Global initiative of the Biggest Classroom supported by UNICEF and World Chefs at Free Funeral Service Training Center.

Stay connected with MCA all activities ( Bokashi – Natural Kitchen Waste fermentation to Bio Mass traning and set up in Ngapali – Rakhine MCA chapter ) from 5.4. to 9.5.19, than the first week of May the 1. Rakhine Traditional Food Show, Education and Competition 2019, join , support , come and see, learn and spread the good words, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet , President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board member, World Chefs Without Borders

Clean Development of Rakhine State – Myanmar

Environmental Friendly Tourism Industry

Clearwater, Tampa Bay – Florida, USA 28.3.2019

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