MCA & Lead Dr Klaus Exner team/Frankfurt Charity medical Surgery, Myanmar 2019

MCA & Lead Dr Klaus Exner team/Frankfurt Charity medical Surgery, Myanmar 2019

February 24, 2019 General News 0

…. already in June 2018 Dr Evgeny Kunits contacted us again for another much needed free of charge – charity specialist medical missions under Lead Dr med Klaus Exner, requested all arrangements for the next charity medical of the ” Frankfurt Drs team around Kunitz / Exner / Schmidt / & colleges free operation mission at Bago State Hospital, just as successful done in early 2016. All needed papers as Drs CV, Approbation, Passports, Certificates of Good Standing,– without all these an, on Foreign Passport Dr will not get a temporary Dr s License and would simply operate Illegal and would make the whole Aid Mission Illegal working ( all in English by myself translated for the always rules changing Myanmar Medical Council – all in time and accepted already in early December 2018) arranged by Dr Kunitz in time for all known team members and officially registered foreign passport Drs by MCA to Medical Council.

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We cannot and never risk to have non or wrong registered foreign Drs train on Myanmar Patients.

It is paramount for the team leading of foreign Dr teams to ensure that all team members fulfill all required certificate documentation and get the Myanmar temporary Drs License. It is also paramount that all foreign Passport holders have a business visa and must register when check in at the Hotel – in no way same as in Germany. A team leadership which neglect such and let others – not registered people take action at patients only risk that future missions get more complicated in the moment when something happen. There is no way to play on ” Good Luck “. All German Drs & team leader as all MCA – partner teams from Germany knows this since years. Let us be honest – the other way around no one would be permitted to do such in Germany. – Myanmar people / patients are not the training and testing objects for young medical Drs of any country. It is un fair – yes it is criminal. ***************

Much to the happiness of elder Bago patients, an additional Thyroid Drs team was arranged with much thanks of the Bago many Thyroid patients, well known since many years that the system either does not have the capacities to operate all the patients or the, as the majority of patients simply has no money for this often 400 to 600 $ US charged Thyroid operation at Yangon Hospitals ( people earn in average 2 $ US a day = 2 years salaries would be needed to save for just one operation and the side cost and loss of income at the time to be counted extra ). Clear a health system in Myanmar which could offer more for its majority – poor people.

Dr Michael Schmidt – specialist orthopedic Dr from Frankfurt ( specialized in bone lengthening ) already well known and awaited in Bago for all orthopedic operations as well his special medical lecture on these issues. Dr Susanne and Dr Wolfgang also well known team members in Bago,- the Bago ENT Dr already lead the third German Plastic surgery teams.

A very much welcome was arranged by the MS of Hospital with the head of Bago Parliament and the Social Welfare Minister on 10.2.19. The German Dr s team invited all operation Theater Nurses for a team building Dinner — 90 patients / operations ( partly big cases ) in 4,5 – 5 days was a good result.  

During 180 patients screening it was quick clear that a good amount of patients would be sent to the next by MCA – WCWB arranged German Drs team which would operate in Hpa An 16.2. to 2.3.2019.

Lucky for a small 7 month old girl, which developed a water head, – just beginning Hydrocephalus early enough – quick we could send the child to Yangon for a chant ( plastic pipe leading the water from head into the stomach – where the back bone canal is blocked ). Saving his live and quality of live. Not often kids are that lucky as an early discovery system is still not compulsory in Myanmar for midwifes or pediatric nurses – which simply need to measure the growth of the head and can see quick when such defect happens – where at the end the water pressure extend the head to near double, squeeze the brain and in a view years result in death. An absolutely avoidable death, simply detect by midwifes and nurses, even mothers can do and measure and operate the defect, set a drainage pipe. MCA – World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar lobbies since years at the Union Ministry of Health for education and quick action specially in rural area,- until now un heard and situation un changed, despite a new Government & health Minister which advocates better ” Public Health and health Education “.    

Myanmar Chefs and partners from Bago assisted with screening, cooking the meals of daily 250 patients and followers living at the monastery for the week. MCA Chefs also arranged the past 6 month all permits, temporary Drs license and Yangon Airport custom s paper work.

Some 90 operations were done lead by Senior Dr Klaus Exner – Frankfurt, 30 patients were send through World Chefs Without Borders to Hpa An, also there at Monastery cooked and donated rice for the patients there.

We thank much to Dr Evgeny Kunits, Dr Wolfgang, Dr Susanne and the International Thyroid Drs team for their great efforts, time and money spent for the wellbeing of jet another 90 Myanmar people,- some Live saving , all of the a sure Live Changing, mostly first time eat normal in their live, be mobile again after burns handicapped them. Some patients as meningoncele or hydrocephalus were sent to Yangon on WCWB/MCA & partner accounts for operations at Myanmar s top Neurosurgery Department and the never refusing and always ” YES we can do now ” – Prof Myat Thu at Yangin general Hospital. Financed by Swiss neurosurgery Drs around Dr Philippe Schucht.    

Thanks to all Foreign Dr s, all volunteers , Ministries and Chefs for their each all special role in this jet another Medical Charity aid Mission by World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar,- the next Drs team is already at door step for a 2 weeks medical aid camp in Hpa An – at Myanmar Karen state a first time ever for us. For the 2019 / 2020 season we do have requests for charity medical teams already from Kawthaung, Loikaw, Sittwe ( Thyroids ), Monywa, Kayin kyaung – Twante, Ngapali – Thandwe, 50 % of teams are already committed, – no question there are more patients than teams and never forget the whole North Rakhine , Maungdaw – Bothitaung region never ever in history saw such medical support at all, an estimated 2000 to 3000 cleft lip and pallets, next to burns from 6 years riots in communities – a sure 10 years job to get a situation in hand which can be called normal , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association / Global Board World Chefs Without Borders ( Disaster Management ) , Bago 17.2.2019      

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