Patient No 1 – 2.2001 Ngapali Interplast

Patient No 1 – 2.2001 Ngapali Interplast

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An operation enables work at Front of The House, 18 years after a great Interplast Munich mission Sittwe, – sustainable Aid Management for Myanmar

Ma Ngwe Ngwe Win, by Munich Interplast Team ( Dr Heinz Schoeneich, Dr Andreas Schmidt, Dr Angelika Wagner ) operated two side cleft lip at Sittwe State Hospital. The second week of February 2001,- just before Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen came for a state visit to Ngapali Beach. She that time 16 years old selling Buddha flowers at the Thandwe old market every morning,- today she is 34 years old and has one child. And it was the visit of PM Hun Sen which only made possible that Ma Kgwe Kgwe Win could have been that time operated. As usual rural people in Myanmar even today have no ID Card, a travel from Thandwe – Ngapali to Sittwe even with in Rakhine State would have been illegal and punished by the than Government or charged much by the emigration officers as it was a daily income for them from people which were not the 100 % wanted by race, religion or color,….

So Rakhine Division Commander Gen Aung Htwe had a meeting with me at our Hotel concerning the Hun Sen state visit which we are asked to take care all …The Drs in Sittwe operating other patients and waiting,- The ” Fugger Brothers ” handed me a letter of Dr Heinz while driving in our 2nd World War Willy Jeep to the Hotel. …. ” Oliver if you have the Girl by Wednesday in Sittwe we can operate “…as I informed him by phone. Next morning Monday I went to the Thandwe Market and guess ;…… the Girl was not there that day … the big run for the patient started – at the end of the day we had , another girl from Chin Aung village so no ID Cards – NO Travel not Medical treatment were possible the Burmese rules in Myanmar within the same state Rakhine.  

After the meeting I told General Aung Htwe about the issue that the German Interplast Drs were in Sittwe – the Children here to be operated so travel was not possible ….. He asked for the names,- and the Rakhine Division Commander said: “…. Oliver there are no issues, bring the two girls to the Airport on Wednesday morning all will be taken care of…. ” … It were the first plastic surgery operated people of all time from Thandwe Ngapali resulting in an Munich – German Interplast camp in Thandwe already in 2003 with as usual hundreds of patient in an state of the art registration and arrangement by Kaman Myanmar Artist from Point T Shop , our beloved Ko Naing….

Ma Ngwe Ngwe Win we could implement in our kitchen operation where she worked for many years, married, changed town and job. The very first she did when the operation area healed was a thick line of red Lip Stick on top ,…… as she now had a real own Lip by Munich Drs …….

Yesterday Ma Ngwe Ngwe Win came over with her aunty and asked for a job, I had not seen her for several years, now 34. Despite the slowest tourism movements – we are very busy at Lilli s – Angel Beach Bar and our staff can need a good help well – Today she will start this time at the Front of the house as she has a beautiful smile and today no more lipstick needed….

An operation enables work at Front of The House, 18 years after a great Interplast Munich mission Sittwe, – In another positive effect and medical Capacity Building for Myanmar,- The MS & DR at Bothitaung – North Rakhine was also there in Sittwe February 2001 and learnt from Dr Heinz and Dr Andreas lip closure through plastic surgery and is performing it today for all patients in Bothitaung region,– a real Sustainable Aid Management to Myanmar…  

Interplast missions since: 3 to 6 missions a year in Myanmar by German Interplast , over 4000 people operated free of charge with many other new disciplines as neurosurgery, ENT, dentil & orthopedic treatments are regular arrangements through and with support of Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali with Interplast and more coop partners.

Next medical missions are:

– February 2019 dental treatment and care by Dr Helmut Guenter in Ngapali, at our Community Clinic

– 10.2. to 16.2.2019 Plastic & Orthopedic surgery by Dr Evgeny Kunitz team at Bago State Hospital

– 16.2. to 03.3.2019 Plastic Surgery & Thyroid by Dr Heinz Schoeneich – Munich Interplast at the Hpa An Hospital, here again with much equipment donation by Interplast

A Big thank you for all who make this possible specially Myanmar Ministry of Health and all local authorities….

Thank you Dr Heinz, Dr Andreas, Dr Geli Wagner, which sadly just passed away after a long battle………., Thanks also to General Aung Htwe and all his administration that time and their Soldiers mind be very well able to have a great humanitarian touch , yours  

Ps.: At the Picture, Ma Ngwe Ngwe Win, Ma Pan Su Aung, Ma Htwe Min Soe, Oliver & Aunty all already 18 years ago working together at Hospitality Beach Front Ngapali …….

Oliver E Soe Thet

Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel, Ngapali Beach Front, Myanmar 7.2.2019  

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