AN MCA Republish a 2017 Education Story

AN MCA Republish a 2017 Education Story

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Probably the best Quality, Vocational Culinary Training Center in Myanmar

Where a view good places exist only until now @ SSB Vision Accomplished…

Shwe Sa Bwe Hotel & Restaurant Training Center Yangon

–         11 month vocational training

–         daily live kitchen

–         all kitchen round training

–         6 years always new students

–         English as International standard

–         all students are wanted by best head chefs

These above & alone already can tell quick here is one of the best vocational culinary training done in Myanmar ,- by simply get all things right. A certain minimum time of training, a right balance and ensure theory to practical training. A chef student gets into all kitchen areas within 11 month and not stuck in one than his only master area.  From the beginning live restaurant feeling, stress and challenges train different for live than a school only. Food cost, hygiene teamwork is paramount from the beginning and daily. A best product only can leave the kitchen as the daily judge is a guest which needs his value for money. Trained at international – western based cuisine and Asian infused  a la carte menu,- the school is a best foundation to choose after 11 month which direction a chef likes to continue. Needless to say that same applies to the service staff at front much on the fine dining side, all is up to standard.   Similar as every new season this last started in September 2016 with a month of training, from 15 starting chefs 7 only less than 50 % survived,- there is no friendship against drop of standards and this speaks for it self.

So it was also not a surprise that the 7 chef students did not care much the 14 top chefs & F&B taking their exam on 2.7.2017 at Shwe Sa Bwe for this year,- the 6th time and the 6th time that Myanmar Chefs Association, a member of WACS – World Chefs endorsed this outstanding vocational training quality in Myanmar again this year.

The students worked concentrated their way through the menu, several judges saw much improvement to past years students in several areas or this batch which worked very focused and fast. With all top hygiene and food safety followed. The work flow can be with some improved , so that is the next step to be at another just best chef and kitchen, disregard money and continue learning more and many new ways of cooking. Streamline the workflow target to be in 10 years one of the top chefs in Myanmar. The basics are already given at SSB Yangon.

The Jury, a not simple one with Seeds, The Strand, CASA MIA – Sule, Savoy, Belmond, Mahlzeit some of the best Chefs in Myanmar took off and gave time for these great young chefs careful watched, observed, evaluated and each student was individual discussed about his performance at the round table results share and talk. 

The best taste & texture of course was the highlight and most important, ( as the guests choice and culinary demand ) ) next to presentation,- all students passed at near same in the right preparation, all well cut, cooked, baked ,- hard and not necessary to find the winner of all 7 great students as result of 11 month SSB training.

After 6 years not surprising, so important to mention,- all training and kitchen leadership were with Myanmar Lady Head Chef, Daw Win Mu years ago herself a student at Shwe Sa Bwe which alone speaks for itself. Great leadership, culinary expertise for top quality only and a good spirit for teamwork sure just some of the positive attitudes of Executive Chef Daw Win Mu.

Supported at service side by Saw Sae Nay Htu & Nyi Nyi Tun which show cased through the skilled work of all service staff their good work at front, be it cocktail making, wine or menu knowledge, English language and quick to fulfill a guests wish even when it was not at the menu.

A secret menu was handed over to the students at 8:00 am, gave them 30 minutes time to write the recipes than sharp 9:30 am cooking for 4 portion within 3 hours including the dough for dessert. A three course menu was served, Green asparagus cream, sea bass filet, vegetable & potato and white wine sauce follow by an Apple tart with berry sauce.  The Service created a Gin based cocktail, had red and white wine at choice and a variation of coffees and petit fours.

The jury was compiled by: Davy Eek of Premium Distribution / Chefs; Dominic Mang of Belomond , Christian Martena – The Strand, Oliver E Soe Thet, MCA & Laguna Lodge Ngapali, Florian Eberhardt Savoy, Felix Eppisser – Seeds Restaurant, Mario Fraschini – CASA MIA Restaurant, Manager Magnus Scherr – Mahlzeit, Renato Buhlmann – Myint Cherry, Patrick Peukert GM – Savoy Hotel Yangon.  

Winner of the year 2016 / 17 at a tight race was:

1.)    Best chef student   : Saw See Palay

2.)    Runner up student:  Ma Seing Htoi 

3.)    Best Service student was: Saw Sar Thway Kaw

Myanmar Chefs Association was happy to give each of the two winning chefs a high Value professional Cook Book of Asia top Chef and new with Yangon Pan Pacific regional Chef Tony Khoo,-  To be a Chef.  

Having had a great experience of a one kind of its top vocational training center in Myanmar in the kitchen, with the students service as well kitchen and being served in such high class service a such high class meal was more than a Sunday delight it was,  The Way shown,- where all Myanmar Vocational Training Centers need to be quality wise and compulsory by the Myanmar Government & Ministry must be . Simply as fairness to the young generation of Myanmar people and giving them the best start and tools into their hand. Thank you very much:

Francoise, as we may met 12 years ago when you explained your vision and 6 years ago when it came true and today Vision Accomplished..!!!… The baby can walk alone.. , great job, good standing in not always easy times .

It was also an honor to work and judge with such a high class culinary Jury, thanks – yours

Oliver E Soe Thet. President Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon Myanmar 2.7.2017 

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