MCA – WCWB Chefs GO ZERO Plastic – Waste Management Education

MCA – WCWB Chefs GO ZERO Plastic – Waste Management Education

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ZERO Plastic in Kitchens,- Chefs can YOU do it ????

Let us know where you do it, send to –

Chef Thu Rein Tun, World Chefs Without Borders Ambassador for Myanmar kick started with the 2.11.2018 meeting with Thant Myanmar – ( reduce plastic & manage waste in Myanmar ) the ZERO Plastic campaign through Chefs in Myanmar by MCA / WCWB and Waste Management in Kitchens and Service…..

At the meeting with Mr Friedor Jeske, Tony Lin and Mrs may of Thant Myanmar in Yangon the next steps were discussed with a wider training and orientation sessions in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay ( than Bagan ). End of November WCWB Ambassador Thu Rein Tun will be at Mandalay and join with MCA Mandalay chairman Aung Naing Thu the Thant Myanmar trainings and plan the further steps there in Mandalay to educate through Chefs Market and shop seller, at Cooking schools and in Kitchens how to avoid Plastic and reduce waste.

Similar trainings are already discussed and planned for Nay Pyi Taw with Chef Romeo in supporting lead,- Chef Thu Rein Tun will coordinate all waste management and waste reduction efforts for Myanmar Chefs. This goes along with the global WCWB and World Chefs initiative of Waste reduction in an effort of ZERO Hunger – Myanmar as active member and with a wide step up front as Chefs of Ngapali Beach and Thandwe in South Rakhine are already on and had several activities and educational s running with now as next step working very close with Thandwe District Municipal and Ngapali City Mayor for educational projects in villages and community Beach areas since 30.9.2018

Happy to call Chefs of Myanmar to give many helping hands to Chef Thu Rein Tun for the mission and thanks to Thant Myanmar and Mr Friedor for support with all their excellent pre work and all educational materials in Myanmar Language and in best artworks….

Chefs are trained and by nature committed to ZERO Plastic and Waste Management.

Chefs cook with natural Food, NO Micro Plastic in Food for Chefs …..

Oliver E Soe Thet

MCA,- World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar 3.11.2018, Yangon 

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