MCA Chefs @ Myanmar Culinary Road Show Indonesia 1.1. to 6.1.2019

MCA Chefs @ Myanmar Culinary Road Show Indonesia 1.1. to 6.1.2019

January 13, 2019 Events General News 0

On invitation to MCA by ASEAN Ambassador of Myanmar, H.E. U Min Lwin and Madam , Daw Sabei, chefs from Myanmar followed again, as so often since 2013 first such Myanmar “ Culture & Cuisine “ show that time to Dakar and Chittagong – Bangladesh,.. since than several times to Jakarta & Jogjakarta – Java & Indonesia cooking and master class Myanmar Traditional Cuisine to wide audience of global diplomatic guests.

Actually it started already on 28.12.2018 at Ngapali Beach when the wires between Myanmar and Indonesia got hot and Jason & Rina Chan and Shwebo friends try to allocate at Ngapali Beach Chef Oliver, Logically they called Jakarta , Daw Sabei und the contact was there for a wonderful culinary day at Ngapali Beach Front Laguna Lodge — great friends from many Jakarta visits at Myanmar top Beach.

This time target specially a team work between Daw Sabei a great Myanmar Cuisine Chef herself and MCA Chef Ye Nanda Khin,- to celebrate a best Mohingar at the 71st Myanmar Independence Day 4.1.2019 at the well known Borobudur Hotel, no other setting would be best for a top traditional Myanmar feast,- next to Lephet Toke ( pickled tea leave salad ), rich Semolina Pudding  and a grand buffet arranged by the Borobudur Hotel kitchen.

400 people from Myanmar community, Diplomatic circles and Business people joined the Myanmar Embassy & ASEAN Office event opened by H.E. Daw Ei Ei Khin Aye, The Ambassador of Myanmar to Indonesia,- guest of  honor was the Indonesian Human Right s Minister and other ministers.  

From the beginning it was more than a usual National Days event,—it was lively, people gathers and enjoyed as they were from a big family a fantastic spirit – rarely or never seen on such often stiff events.

Lucky for us Daw Sabei with the hundreds hands behind the scenes had already cooked the catfish, pulled the meat and served an already excellent stock, much of the hard work was done already….. this Chef Ye Nanda Khin brought with much Lemongrass, Ginger, Garlic, Shallots, Chick Peas to an excellent — I would say best Mohingar I ever had, and I was not the only one which had 3 or more cups of it, U Chan Tun was seen also most evening with Mohingar cups, – lucky much more than  400 portion Chef Nanda cooked and next morning many good soles were happy with rich Mohingar in Jakarta.

Special thanks also belongs to the many great Myanmar ladies of the Myanmar mission which assisted us for mise en place and serving the Monhigar – our great saver with so many people at three stations were looking for the Myanmar Signature dish “ The Mohingar “…

A highlight was of course Daw May Kalar the top Myanmar singer and a couple of Traditional dancers with band a real Myanmar event in Jakarta …. as well at the thank you event at the ASEAN Mission of Myanmar where Chef Nanda showed also all his skills as lead singer – again with great food by Daw Sabei and her team of hundred hands. 

Chef Maurice from Borobudur in old friendship gave us good chefs and an exchange of knowledge happened at both ends… We enjoyed Borobudur hospitality with many cups of the legendary Borobudur Oxtail soup, rich and clear a fantastic energizer – 400 to 600 kg they cook daily ……

A Myanmar Chef in Jakarta ….A fantastic carrier need to mention, – Myanmar Chef  Aung Ko Min started many years ago at Mr Jacksons Yangon Singapore Kitchen, that time coming from Myanmar Oil fields of Yenan Kyaung …. worked all his way up and learned all the skills to be now Sous Chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta ,— a fantastic 17 years carrier , well done Chef and see you soon again.

Thanks to Ko Zaw who fetched us already at the far inner of Jakarta Airport just next to the U Ne Win poster still standing strong,- a reminder of 71 years Myanmar and Indonesia friendship,…. reason enough to celebrate again in December 2019 again and team up with Mr Iwaki Yoshio, Mr Chan Tun, Jason Chan, U Min Lwin celebrating 71 years Myanmar – Indonesia with Japan infusion and cooperation.

The late / or early ( 23:50 pm / 4:00 am ) Malindo flight from Yangon through KL to Jakarta is excellent – best value for money with 25 kg luggage and good service.

One thing we forgot this time ,- there was no time to get to Jakarta s markets except the first day for shopping, and thanks to Chef Stefu, President of Indonesia Chefs Association we had a great Datang Lunch Buffet – similar the Traditional Bagan Buffet where many small items come on the table,- here now clean – hygiene covered with plastic film – much more coconut cream in Indonesian cuisine so every one a very special flavor and character. – thank You Chef Stefu for the fantastic culinary experience …

Thank you U Min Lwin for the “ Cultural & Culinary “ friendship all the past 20 years and thanks Chef Ye Nanda Khin to be ready again to step out from the daily job and take the time for MCA – and a special Culinary Mission to promote and conquer with Traditional Myanmar Cuisine the Global World ….for Chefs, for Tourism, for Myanmar.

Oliver E Soe Thet

President MCA – Yangon 11.1.2019  


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