Chef at Global Mohinga Road again – at Indonesia & ASEAN Myanmar

Chef at Global Mohinga Road again – at Indonesia & ASEAN Myanmar

January 1, 2019 Events General News 0

1.1. to 6.1.2019  Jakarta, Borobudur Hotel only Myanmar Culture & Cuisine to the World, Burma in Asia .

Myanmar , MCA Chefs are on the Global Road again, Jakarta – Indonesia for a Culinary and Cultural exchange of Myanmar Cuisine, including Mohingar and semolina Pudding at the legendary Borobudur Hotel. 1.1. to 6.1.2019 again at the invitation of ASEAN Myanmar Secretariat and Myanmar Embassy of Indonesia, as the past years often celebrated, Culture and Cuisine.

MCA chefs Ye Nanda Khin & Oliver E Soe Thet hit off again to spread Myanmar Cuisine for a 400 people audience of many countries and cultures in Jakarta.

With much support by the Myanmar community in Jakarta.

Let the world know and taste the delicious cuisine of Myanmar, Celebrate Culture & Cuisine Myanmar as U Min Lwin since years names it . Best tools to bring nations and people closer together, sharing, learning and living or being together through for a performance of a meal, a culinary or a cultural performance.

Happy New Year for all Chefs in the region, the world and in Myanmar

Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA Myanmar 1.1.2019

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