Rakhine Chief Minister visits German Interplast mission Sittwe Hospital 30.11.18

Rakhine Chief Minister visits German Interplast mission Sittwe Hospital 30.11.18

November 30, 2018 Events General News 0

U Nyi Pu , Rakhine Chief Minister visited the German Interplast Team lead by Luebeck Prof Peter Sieg & Dr Lena Cohrs .. this 30.11.18 morning. Thanked the team and welcomed the plan to have German Interplast team Muenich , Dr Heinz Schoeneich in November 2019 at Thandwe District Hospital for a Taunguk, Thandwe, Ngapali , Gwa plastic surgery free of charge for all in Rakhine living people …

The mission in Sittwe is arranged by Alodawphye Seyadaw & Societies , U Pinyar Soe Thar seyadaw, Myanmar Chefs Association, Laguna Lodge  Ngapali World Chefs Without Borders- Myanmar, The Strand Hotel Sittwe, Rakhine Red Cross and Daw Thaw Thar Sein and Dr Marlar Tun Singapore. three Myanmar Drs joined the team 1 from Yangon and 2 from Sittwe , assisted the German specialist Drs and learnt about cleft pallet and thyroid operationsas a Myanmar German medical capacity building project under lead of Prof Peter Sieg..l

Rakhine Chief Minister U Nyi Pu donated cash to U Yi Ware Seyadaw for the feeding and shelter of the over 350 patients and followers which arrived for the free operations ..

near 100 could be operated , over 100 will need to come back next year for another team Sittwe German Interplast , since 2001 already more than 10 missions with more than 1000 poor people operated most are live changing, some are live saving … to many ,more patients are there let alone North Rakhine Maungdaw , Bothitaung where never ever a Dr team operated patients in all history and most people there are still not allowed to travel to Sittwe  a sure 2000 plus patients are in the loop waiting for a live changing operation.

Heavy case concerning Neurosurgery were sent to Yangon s Neuro Hospital and Prof Myat Thu takes care there for Interplast Germany … 

Thanks to the many donor as Arien and Memory Hotel Restaurants for the food donations at lunch to the Drs into the Hospital..

Oliver E Soe Thet

Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Ngapali

Myanmar Chefs Association, MCA

Sittwe 30.11.2018

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