International World Chefs Day 2018

International World Chefs Day 2018

October 19, 2018 Events General News 0

International World Chefs Day 2018 – Healthy Food – Education for Kids / 450 Boys in Prison Kawmu

Yes that is a great training we had been there many times this time we might do it better than last times which was

also good …

As they have these Dining halls I was thinking that the kids rotate from one class to the other , in 4 groups of 50 plus at a time

Start Yangon 4:00 / 5:00 am with stop at Thiri Mingalar Vegetable Market

Arrive at Kawmu – some items at Local market shopping for pictures

– Hnin Aung San planned at 8:00 am, Chefs Breakfast

9:00 am start education projects & prep for dinner

U Thein Naing & Friends

– 2 hours Fruit carving ( the carved fruits we use than later for Fruit Juice ( with Jagery , Lime & water )

Daw Thuzar Myint ( with projector if liked all in Myanmar )

– 1 hours hygiene and food safety

Ko Ye Win Minn

– 2 hours chocolate

Daw Thu Zar Myint ( with projector if liked all in Myanmar )

– 1 hours nutrition

Ko Ye Naing

– 2 hours marzipan modeling another Group Train Easy Pastry for Street Shops

Pastry Alliance with Aung Myo Lwin

– 4 hours easy pastry for a push car possible to earn money after jail – we finance the cart if one comes out and like to do ( I am working on Funding from Australia – so we need to go the and cook a charity Dinner as we do in Florida in March 2018 , I cook Lephet Thoke – Micro Salad and Tea Leave Focaccia for 400 people )


Afternoon Fun Program 14:00 pm ….

Chef Aghee :

– Thamanee Competition with 4 to 6 teams

Music & Children singing

– MCA Live Band 


16:30 pm Dinner

Volunteer Chefs

– A rich One Product ONLY – High Nutrition Meal to their Usual Rice ( based on a Fish or Meat, Bean or Lentil and Potato )

– A healthy fresh Noodle Salad by Shwe Sein ( Golden Elephant Noodle sponsor )

All Cooking done by MCA / WCWB Mobile Gas Kitchen stoves & Equipment 4 stations – 125 portion each

— We could also cook 1000 portion more and distribute in 20 x 20 Drums , scoped in Hlaing Thayar at different stations.

These are just the first Idea I like to hear more from you and the Chefs what they like else to do ….

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