ZERO Plastic – but Bamboo

ZERO Plastic – but Bamboo

October 1, 2018 General News 0

Laguna,- Beach Waste into Music – Own Bamboo for Straw 2018

” The NEW Burmese Days 2018 and Beyond “

Laguna Lodge since years plant and replant much bamboo from own plants in the monsoon season with now having much bamboo so that the roofing Bamboo can be covered nearly already from own bamboo growth for structure.

ZERO PLASTIC = Bamboo Straw ( since July 2018 ) for all beverages in Laguna Lodge is easy and daily quick done by Laguna staff specially in the much free time so full salary paid Monsoon season. Just cut the thin bamboo branches in the size needed and wash through to get some dust out,- easy and best to use as Plastic Straw substitute.

WA BO, the big Bamboo provides Menu Cards material,- another ZERO Plastic item for the restaurant s ” Lilli` s Beach Front Bar ” and Angels Beach BBQ, Ngapali. Written with a good soft pen and in near A3 size we collect from natural waste after Bamboo grows in Monsoon season.

Small Bamboo skin / paper is used for Guest Welcome notes on 100 % natural & biodegradable material at Front Office – Laguna Lodge through the Laguna s own Bamboo plantations there is always enough supply – so much sustainable.    


Music with Beach Waste Items @ ZERO Cost / ZERO Plastic – new Jobs

2016 we started to introduce the Java style, Indonesian Wind – Bamboo – Coconut shell music instrument to Ngapali and Laguna Lodge staff. This year mid 2018 we started production during Monsoon season, with much free time of all 12 month full paid Laguna staff.

First to collect from Ngapali, Keytaw and Lonthar beach front s what all we can use for such material needed to have it at lowest cost and waste taken from public beach area:

– Coconut Shell as head

– Fishing rope for the binding

– Bamboo left over of all sizes and length

– Some fancy Garbage to be the sound maker

All but all was and is available free of charge,- just at a daily beach walk more than needed can be found easy in minutes.  A new electro drill was the only and here 24.000 Kyat investment for the holes…..

Following easy the Java Island sample the bamboo was cared first, the coconut shells were taken as they came,- just holes needed to be drilled in each and the nylon fishing rope to be separated into as long as possible units…. All good hobs for long rainy days in July in Ngapali Beach front.

It takes only a short time even for an not trained person and it is fun when the first view are ready and give nice beach sound. In the middle is a rope where an ” Art Waste ” item is fixed for the sound, below again a part of coconut shell to catch the wind and making the musician.

These items can be easy for some good $US sold and the profit goes 100 % to the staff which did each item.

The Laguna Lodge Aim so is that families in and around Ngapali Beach realize the high value a lot of Beach Waste can have when we just modify it a little bit, specially in Tourism  – so also as house hold goods, wall art or music instrument in the wind.

The aim is that families realize and people which are either not best educated or be not mobile or old all these can easy do such jobs at home, produce, fine tune and than sell and create families income when successful than maybe even hire more people and sell to other Tourism destinations which in Myanmar not have Bamboo or Coconut and start real SME business. If one is talented, can even add beauty by painting on the Bamboo colors or design. It is advised to keep the Bamboo after carving for some days in Ngapali Beach Salty Sea water to keep insects out of the product and last longer that way.  Just as 20 years ago in 1999 Laguna Lodge founder started with Thandwe – Rakhine longyie weaver the today all over Bamboo place mats…..— which also took 10 years to take off after in 1999 / 2000 first introduced to the Thandwe weaver with samples we got in Chiang Mai – Thailand.   


With Waste & Plastic Free greetings, from clean beach front, yours

Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel, Ngapali Beach Front Family & Staff 2018

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