Laguna Lodge Ngapali Beach & Chu Chu Yangon intensify cooperation 2017 – 2019

Laguna Lodge Ngapali Beach & Chu Chu Yangon intensify cooperation 2017 – 2019

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Chu Chu style workshop & Thant Banner by Laguna Lodge Ngapali started

As in May 2017 established the first contacts between Laguna Lodge Ngapali Beach Front and the together established and designed 20 L water bottle coverage out of waste recycled plastic to cover the at Laguna Lodge since 12 years ONLY 20 L refill drums drinking water in the guests rooms and in public and make them look better. During a Ngapali responsible meeting in May 2017 Laguna Lodge raised the question if Chu Chu also could do a 20 L cover as they had a 1 L cover already.

1.) The aim was to have the big bottles in the room look better.

2.) As well to promote and educate more Hotels in Ngapali and all Myanmar also to change from 1L and smaller water plastic bottles in the rooms to change to 20 L bottles.  A 50 room Hotel can easy save 3000 $ US cost when switching from 1 L or smaller to 20 L refill bottles for the whole Hotel and guest rooms.

3.) Ngapali Beach destination alone could save over 2 million plastic bottles alone in just one season of 8 month as ZERO Plastic Waste in nature when the whole Hotels & Hospitality industry would follow this since December 2017 UN initiative to clear all ocean s from Plastic pollution.

The 20 L cover are there and more Hotels placed orders with three big Hotels including a local Hotel chain on the more to change to 20 L bottles refill as Ngapali got two new and good standard PH7 water companies within a year now three where there were only 1 the past 18 years. Success in the making….as also local community benefits from this as they as well save much money with the 20 L refill water.


Further Cooperation – Chu Chu style workshop and local peoples direct income at Laguna Lodge now…

After a great meeting with Mr Friedor Jeske of Chu Chu and many month already e mail communication we finalized a cooperation & established the first such Chu Chu style workshop for the production of Tourists, Household and Fashion souvenirs all made from Garbage and Waste available in and around Ngapali Beach with the following already in the making…

– An assessment is going on what waste and garbage is available in which quality in Ngapali for recycling

– Two women from behind Thandwe – Gwa Rd or Mountain villages with some tailor skills will be trained at Chu Chu Yangon on the 1. 2 to 4 items.     

– Transportation and a pocket money paid by Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali

– Training, Housing and Meals for 2 to 3 weeks financed by Chu Chu Yangon – Dalla

– Workshop set up at a Laguna Room which is also at Beach front than a show room for more Chu Chu items to be sold and.

– The girls will get a guarantee order of products per month from Chu Chu so the salaries are earned already – when the quality control is passed. Payment is per produced item.

– All revenue ( also over productions ) are for the two women only – Laguna Lodge just provides the room and Beach Front guests contact.

– Laguna Lodge will buy the special industrial sewing machine – specialized for rubber tailoring…

– The Project will be gradually extended, as Chin weaving & other more sophisticated items production

The aim is here that these first two women motivate more women which can than do the production after training in their homes – far away from the Tourism $US communities and still gain access to the Tourism income by own production and two sales platforms at:

– Laguna Lodge – Ngapali Beach Front

– Chu Chu Yangon and monthly order of quality products …

It can result in new job ideas where the initial product is without or at near cost, the women far from big towns and tourism have time and like to do such jobs as fully independent own SME owner….

We started the project over the past month and are on now with selection of the two women, purchased the machines and set up the Room , than training and production….


Thant Myanmar & Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel waste management educational

Public Awareness Building and Waste Reduction Education to Ngapali Community September 2018

At same meeting 26.9.18 Laguna Lodge will boost the Thant Myanmar campaign against plastic bags and instead sustainable shopping bags as well Tiffan against plastic / foam box food container.  As in restaurant by restaurant campaigns as well big billboards initiatives of Thant in Yangon.

Laguna Lodge will arrange for Ngapali Beach public and village area :

– Space and set up of public educational awareness banner s from Thant free of charge unlimited time

– We have by 29.9.18 to over 50 restaurants and Hotels the in restaurant s wall poster A4 distributed and explained for the NO Plastic Bags & NO Foam Box Food Container .

– Laguna Lodge will for Thant distribute and introduce to all Ngapali Hotels & Guest houses the Hotel Guide – How to avoid waste and waste management – all in Myanmar.

– Thant Myanmar will cover the Yangon print cost for all , where Laguna Lodge covered the first set.

– Laguna Lodge got already permit from several privet owned – Main road compounds to set up the Banners …

– Laguna Lodge is on talks with the Thandwe Municipal to get permission to have same banner set up at all Village markets and public area of Ngapali Beach…

– Laguna Lodge will have same educational tools introduced into several Ngapali village schools through a cooperating Civil Society Group.   

Many greetings from Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Team , Ngapali Beach 26.9.2018

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