Clean Ngapali Beach Tourism Opening 30.9.2018 Yes by Action & Not by Words only…

Clean Ngapali Beach Tourism Opening 30.9.2018 Yes by Action & Not by Words only…

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With trucks sponsorship by Ngapali Hotels Association and team work of over 70 MCA chefs, Ma Pa Pa s Trash Hero s ( all Myabin Children ), Ko Min Soe as the 1 Tourism Boatman, many villagers of Southern Keytaw Beach and a big group of Mrs Sue  s Trash Hero s from Linthar village ( they clean every Sunday at their Linthar Beach ) a great effort and super success was achieved in shortest time……

As an initiative of Ngapali MCA team Chef Mya Win ( Jasmine Palace), Aung Chit Oo ( Art of Sand ), Gold Winning best Chef Heyma ( Ngapali Bay ), Italian Cuisine Chef Erik Kolojeskie ( Aureum Palace & Spa Ngapali ), Ma Pan Su Aung ( Laguna Lodge ) & Ko Myat Moe ( May 18 GH ) to have before the Ngapali Beach high Season starts the bit crazy managed Keytaw Beach cleaned with 30.9.2018 the day. MHA Rakhine chairman Capt Than Oo ( Bayview ) and Daw Ohnmar ( Sandoway, Residence & Art of Sands ) supported direct with commitment and Trucks, Ma Pa Pa s Kids from Myabin Trash Hero s joined all early with a two weeks planning the clean the best beach Myanmar s ” Ngapali ” Mission.

11 big trucks were planned , at first chefs from the best Hotel s Ngapali joined and clean the Mya Yadana 1 street s, Myabin s green Mangrove nature & river side ( not controlled – an illegal waste dump place by some), nothing looks like 2006 River Law or 2012 Environmental Law s are here enforced – a new Lodge s garbage easy to locate ), which was some days early started with 50 % already cleaned by 8 volunteer girls and now the Chefs came and took all garbage as the trucks were now available. The by the girls repaired ” NO Garbage ” sign board was not jet after a week put back into place to educate the villagers – so people are busy and at one day that new sign board might come back where it was first.

This part of Myabin was cleaned by chefs from Hilton, Ngapali Bay, Sandoway, Art of Sand, Laguna Lodge, Pristine Mermaid, Jade Marina, Aureum Palace & Spa Ngapali, Jasmine Ngapali, Amazing Hotel,  Residence, Amata & Ma Pa Pa from Myabin Trash Hero s….. great Job and the very very busy Village leader already committed on 28.9.18 meeting at the Myabin Yayaka office,- with his team that they all will join cleaning ,- ” Maybe – Sure ” ( what ever that means maybe or sure ?? ) to any ” NEXT ” cleaning efforts, fully committed….. He widened the river natural Mangrove & Denie Ngapali Heritage some years ago – great effort and a pity that no one can control a view which dump all the garbage inside specially not upcoming small Hotels & Guest Houses or this Lodge….


The big Team already at Keytaw 2 miles of Beach in three Groups

All other chefs and Myabin s Trash Hero s already were full active and cleaned one by one , along the beach and filled the many Trucks , in only 2 hours a beach changed from crazy dirty to clean. In Southern part of Keytaw fantastic help by all the village community they had the most garbage there as there is NO and Never a waste village management in place and they were so happy that all the garbage they needed to live in daily could be all on the truck… A great success and much thanks to Ngapali Hotel Association to all the Chefs of Ngapali s best Hotels, Ma Pa Pa s Kids from Myabin Trash Hero s and the 1 Tourism Boatman Ko Min Soe to help cleaning all today. The best than was when Mrs Su s Linthar Kids and Trash Hero s and the chefs from Yoma Cherry came in and did a final touch sweeping through the rest pockets with still well good waste there in Ngapali s nature..

It was a great Team Work from all,- possible the very first time in such a way and punch,– something which is done in other scales and areas weekly as well arranged by Ngapali MHA… so a Season Opening all at once clean up should be in the mind and planning already for 30.9.2019. Special Thanks Ko Myat Moe from May 18 Guest House as ” Commander for Logistics “, best job well done.

Dagon Beverages thanks for the cooling drinks after the ” Winning Together ” Mission Ngapali.

Great Thanks wishing everyone a great Ngapali Beach Tourism Season 2018 – 19 and best weather, ensure the beach stay clean ,– Yours Ngapali Beach Chefs …..

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