Royal King Cremation Ceremony 25. & 26.10.2017

Royal King Cremation Ceremony 25. & 26.10.2017

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As Chef,- a once in a lifetime experience…

In memory of the soon 1 years anniversary of the Royal King Cremation Ceremony 25. & 26.10.2017 at Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand. 99 Chefs from Thailand and International countries came together for a volunteer cook of and produced 40.000 meals in a Mobile Kitchen.

All packed in Bio Degradable cups,- after 3 month s change to soil,- Thailand Can DO IT

High discipline , all the respect to a Royal institution. All fresh and high nutrition meals cooked only at side — with a like magic system by many others outside which ensured that during the whole ceremony and feeding not one plastic, not one tissue or plastic bottle was dropped on the floor. Elder , old and young kids ran around all time with bags and collected all waste before it even reached the ground . I was privileged to be part of this ” Once in a Live Time ” event thanks to the over 30 years friendship and invitation of Thai Chefs Association Chef Somsak and WCWB Chairman Willment Leong.

To my surprise I met after 30 years among the 100.000 volunteers Mrs Nong – the one which sold me already in 1989 the first Bus and Train Tickets from Bangkok to Chaing Mai or Krabi in the south that time my second home,- when I studied Thai Language and at the oriental Hotel Thai high class Traditional Cuisine at famous Khun Charlies school there.   The beginning of a long journey until 2018 a good 30 years later in Myanmar and Ngapali Beach.

Thank You to Chef Somsak and Willment Leong for the chance to have been part of such an emotional event , best arranged and a major cooking event with 40.000 meals fresh cooked in 2 days … Yours Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association Yangon Myanmar 14.9.18

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