hundreds of thousands flee typhoon “Mangkhut”

hundreds of thousands flee typhoon “Mangkhut”

September 14, 2018 Events General News 0

The Philippines prepare for Supertaifun “Mangkhut”. He could hit up to 5.2 million people. Flights were canceled, ships had to stay in their ports.

In the Philippines there is a high alert: the typhoon “Mangkhut”, which is supposed to reach wind speeds of up to 255 kilometers per hour, is approaching the coast. The weather agency of the Southeast Asian island nation expects the typhoon to land on Saturday morning in the northern provinces of Cagayan or Isabela on the main island of Luzon.

“Mangkhut” is thus much stronger than the hurricane “Florence”, which threatens the southeast coast of the United States. “Florence” lost in the night of Friday at wind speed. The National Hurricane Center in Miami reported wind speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour on Friday.

In the Philippines, the authorities called on some 800,000 people to escape from the storm. At least 5.2 million will be affected by the effects of “Mangkhuts” according to the latest estimates of civil protection. The Red Cross even estimates 10 million people.

“Mankhut” brings heavy rains, storms and in coastal areas storm surges of about six meters, warned the weather authority. Flights have been canceled and shipping has been discontinued in the affected regions of the island nation.


The MCA hopes and prays that all people in the area will be safe !

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