Chefs at Laguna,- ECO BEES & Honey for Green Beach Tourism 2018 and beyond

Chefs at Laguna,- ECO BEES & Honey for Green Beach Tourism 2018 and beyond

September 3, 2018 General News 0

5 year s Laguna Lodge,- Ngapali takes care well it s natural ” wild ” Bees, usually looking for room just in front of the monsoon season and get to save dry places for their Queens and Bee communities. We always had 3 to 5 different bee communities at different areas in rooms, walls and roofing at Laguna Lodge and it was never a solution for us to just kill them, have insecticides used in Tourists – Guest Room. So for years when we tried the ” soft approach ” and traded room by room between guests and bees either the guests or the bees complained to us.

We give Bees a room,- they give us Ngapali Honey

Mr Gunter Sondermann, Bee Master from Germany ( with big own bee stocks and honey production ) was the Win – Win solution and lucky development for Laguna Lodge, Guests, Staff and Bees alike. Mr Guenter already since 2006 a friend of us from Bagan Hotel visits started the Research Project on Ngapali Mountain, Forest & Beach Bees with bee houses from Germany as sample and quick Ngapali carpenter made for the Bee communities in the walls of best Beach front rooms.     A quiet place at Coconut Tree ` s top we arrange a Bee Heaven. Here Mr Gunter builds up the project on Bee Keeping at Beach front. With very different – smaller bees than in Germany, a honey usually with more water contend – so as a great surprise in the early 2017 season a harvest of the very rare ” Black Honey “, high on nutrition, dark in color due to the collected items the bees took that time. A Honey also in Germany known as high value and a rare quality. Also for Mr Gunter a very interesting project to compare and much learning by doing, testing and never give up ….

Ngapali Forest & Mountain Honey now at Laguna Lodge

This October Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel supports SME from local Ngapali near mountain, forest and river areas and promotes this UNIQUE NEW Honey in Myanmar. Guests and visitors at Laguna, at Lilli s Beach Bar or Angel Beach Front restaurant can order the Mountain & Forest honey with pan cakes, in juice, rich Milk Shakes. While these local honey productions still are a bit cruel in production and as so often let the farmers or hunters in this country do not count much on making money and a living from a Natural plant, animal, natural resources several times,– but kill, destroy and totally explore all at one time. This should be in a 2018 time a motivation to share knowledge, utensils and technology to such farmers and hunters to have their places in nature with Bee houses, care and grow the communities, the production on honey and ensure a regular income for a better living standard of their families in rural areas. Mr Gunter & Laguna Lodge Ngapali is keen to tap into this field or education for positive development — One main aim is to encourage local communities to adopt the much positive for animal welfare of the bees system of building bee houses, caring against honey for the bees rather than just run around the forests as in ” Stone Age time “, just kill, – But NOT to destroy, benefit ONE Time ONLY….

The main reason for these projects as BIO Garden and Bee Keeping is to transfer knowledge with schools of Ngapali and other Tourism Destinations, with farmers, forest communities, to invite and visit the Laguna Lodge BIO Gardens and sustainable Bee Keeping. To see how easy BIO Culture with the still very fertile Myanmar soil Organic Farming can be done,– how with some knowledge and hands on experience wild bees in Myanmar and Ngapali s mountains no need to be killed only just to get the valuable Honey,- Yes that all this can become a standard and sustainable business to support the Tourism Industry of Ngapali Beach and Myanmar,— smokeless , natural, healthy and sustainable for a High Class Hospitality & Cuisine. It 2018,- not ” Stone Age Period ” anymore,- fill the lack of knowledge.

Thank you very much ” Guenny “, Laguna Lodge Family,- Ngapali Beach Front this season 18/19 again,,,,

YOU,- the guests of Ngapali Beach can help to speed the process the positive, clean tourism development and support of rural SME by eating, drinking more Natural Ngapali Honey,– buy a glass or more at Lilli s Beach Front Bar.

You can also order online at : / 00 95 01 532278  – Yangon

Oliver E Soe Thet,-

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