MCA – WCWB Chefs – Direct Flood Aid Myanmar 3. to 8.8.2018

MCA – WCWB Chefs – Direct Flood Aid Myanmar 3. to 8.8.2018

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MCA – WCWB, Bago Flood Region – Mobile Aid Kitchen

Cooking healthy – rich – fresh & nutritious food, ZERO Plastic – NO Waste during aid donations 

by Myanmar Chefs Association to the flood trapped villages of Madauk – north Bago region.

See at the pictures the much spoiled nature and ugly – not healthy foam box and plastic pollution of so many – ” Good Hearted ” donor groups. It is easy possible to have such donations in portions of 50 to 200 in Bulk packed – scoped at a place or in requested amounts sent…. There are always some plates, cups, leaves as the traditional Myanmar way of packing .


Stop Waste & Garbage pollution by any food donations – MCA for ZERO Plastic – NO Waste….


We have to say we were already a late starter as the big massive flooding impact was not so clear and more not that so many villages in the Bago and other regions were trapped,- without food and fresh water. Others as Mandalay RESCUE NGO were already 6 days at side and had an excellent logistic set up at different small village / towns along the Sittang River which has here at Madauk – Shwegyin many near 180 degree bands and when high flood arrives all between is underwater, – so whole villages and monasteries cut off from the rest of the world.


Our 1. target was to do what chefs can best provide hot – nutritious – fresh food. Add healthy based on a Single Main Ingredient,- thick rich soups which can be a whole meal alone.


Our 2. target was to arrange a ZERO Plastic – NO Waste in nature aid donation,- totally opposite of the most food donations in Myanmar :”… help at one side and destroy much of the nature at the other side… “. Absolutely not needed we worked with 20 & 50 L drums ( 70 to 200 portion of meals ) which would come back after donations, cleaned and then used again for the next donation.


Sent to the requesting villages through the logistics of RESCUE with arrangements and planning by local authorities and the Social Welfare Ministry. We got the orders how many portion which village and what time pick up, than we produced – cooking rich Myanmar Cuisine. At the villages by boats and followed by MCA – WCWB members with loudspeaker & small boats the villages were already informed and came with small boats and their tiffan Food Container and requested the portions as their family members plus got an extra part from MCA chefs ..


The system worked so well that all fresh – healthy cooked Myanmar food was delivered even hot when scoped and donated to the villagers living a live since 10 days on top of the flood water.


Chef Nanda as main Flood Aid Mobile Kitchen Head Chef, supported after 3 days by Chef Zwel Pye Paing which came with his friend and had already the days before sent two of his staff. Food Artists & Chocolate specialists Ye Naing and Ye Myo Minn next to MCA Office Ma Khet Khet, Saw Sandy, Naing Oo and his top friend – Aung Kyaw Hein ( Mr. Mexico or the ever ready man when MCA has an aid project running ). Ma Titsa & Giacomo took care the store and the ready packed ingredient boxes,- for the chefs just cook through.


The system as with World Chefs Without Borders in June at Shwedagon and Delta – power gas stoves and big pot cooking each 50 ltrs and 6 stations a good 300 L and good 1200 portion food per one round – we cooked 2 to 3 rounds a day.


Mandalay RESCUE would always tell us how many hundreds of portion are needed,— next to big donations we opened also a small ” Soup Kitchen Counter “, where mainly children and some elder came daily and took a Hot & Healthy meal, always at 11:00 and 16:00 ready to eat.

The at disaster side on duty Fire Brigade troupe was also regular guest at the MCA – WCWB mobile field kitchen.


Safety First at MCA – WCWB Food Aid:

– with Ma Thuzar Myint the menu was discussed on the healthy & nutritious questions

– only with Live Jackets we allowed MCA members on the boats for food delivery

– much Mosquito Coils and cream against Malaria and Dengue were taken care.


Not to forget the many volunteers and magic hands – best people of Madauk the ladies which quick joined the MCA / WCWB team and so we had sometimes 15 to 20 more people great as there were a 350 kg Onions & Potatos to peel ( donated by Tin Tin & Hlaing Family suppliers ). Chili and Radish to peel, cut and wash – all bought at a 3:00 am night stop at Thirimingalar Market on 3.8.18 Bulk Purchase to extreme low rates. We still hired three day labor for 5000 K for the daily handy work to be done quick and easy and good to have one stand by for the carry jobs. 


The highlight was arranged by Chef Ye Nanda, – with the great donation of IKON Market ( Electrolux – Myanmar agent ) the 50 kg Australia beef and 50 kg of Norway Salmon, next to 600 port of Shwe Sein noodle and the by Pastry alliance over 150 kg donated dry beans, chick peas and lentils, tamarind. Thank you Ko Aung and Amy for these wonderful – nutritious food. All at best also for the Beef as Madauk and Shwegyin are a multi religious region and everyone got his best cooked to perfect high class taste by Chef Nanda. Thanks to convenient products as Knorr Caterplan s ( Fish & Chicken ) items – cooking times were much reduced and basic taste at best – Knorr here with great food production in high numbers as 1200 to 1800 daily.     


Menus Created & cooked as: ” Single Main Item – High Nutrition rich Soup ”

– Radish Soup with Marsalla powder & Chili paste

– Noodle Soup with chick peas – Tom Yam flavor

– Rick Lentil Curry with Dry Chili and fresh Coriander

– Japan Flavored Beef Curry – slow cooked

– Pumpkin Soup with Ginger

– Chick Pea curry with Curry Leaves 

– Salmon Nga San Hine – Curry

– Dry Bean Soup


Also independent village groups came along which were overlooked or to early send into OK

status,- here we could with two villages easy with two drums each sent off 120 portion fresh cooked

for all village people and children.

Here we also could hand over the many cloth and other items donations as the over 1000 T shirts from Wave Ph7 water or the many Malta Fresh donated by Dagon Beverages. These people came next days again,– an always 1,5 hours walk though water to reach their villages.


MCA Team was best taken care by the RESCUE Mandalay team with a big hall at a Monastery s 2nd floor and every morning good Myanmar Breakfast at the Flood Coordination center near the Hospital and direct at the with many sand bags secured Dam with much water behind.


The transport back was with some luck well received a good double story truck which fit all of the MCA team and all equipment – all food items were left behind to villages same as the 20 L drums ( just 4000 K ) and the big banner – good rain cover for a whole family s broken house.

90.000 kyat only for the truck Madauk – Yangon….

Much less luck on the way to the flooded area we had several issues with cars as the first ( to small ) light truck cost 70.000 K – the driver raised the prize last moment to 150.000 K as there as the danger of much water and no return – Of course there was all OK at the roads – no water the car did not stay the first agreed 2 days and the more money of course not paid back to MCA by the driver, a lucky one make double money on Donations,- in Myanmar often the case .. The bus we had was due to the to small high ace overloaded and in his final years engine did not wanted us shortly before Bago…. – Chef Myo Min Soe quickly arranged a new bus within 20 min that happened and the load was quick transferred – so this bus also could not stay the planned 2 days until Sunday evening and some team members had to take on top of the charges the high way bus and MCA pay another near lag kyat for additional transport. Here more networking with face book is urgent needed to improve as we did great with Chef Thurein in the 2015 flooding and had several times even a free 10 wheeler truck to Hinthadar Delta with tens of thousands of L Ph7  water, hundreds of bags of rice etc….      


Many thanks to all the chefs and private person which donated – where every 10.000 Kyat helped to create a 12.000.000 K ( 120 Lag K ) donation fund ( food, cash and high quality medical drugs ). The whole aid mission was planned and took off in less than 2 days – ready to go, thanks to face book, and thanks to so many chefs and friends – helped – as far as Singapore with Chef Than Naing Tun & Chef Eric Wong. Or Chef Kyaw Kyaw which arranged 300 kg onion free of charge.


Last not least MCA could donate a 4000 Euro ” Tamiflu ” against H1 virus to the Bago Superintendent on the night of returning to Yangon – he and our best Bago 1969 Student & medical charity group & MCA partner since many days. We handed over the medicine donated by German Interplast & Stiftung Life to support the Myanmar health system in times of floods, monsoon and potential Virus infection times of the year,– a 96 times live saving donation, if needed.


Now some days further boxes were up at the MCA Office and today again,– to Bagan for the Traditional Food Festival along the Lawkananda Pagoda festival 15. to 20.8.18 on the cooking road this time for Myanmar Tourism Promotion and Myanmar Cuisine awareness to International Tourism on the invitation of the Union Minister of Hotels & Tourism. Arranged by MRA and MTF.

Pastry Alliance with Aghee and Chef Aung Myo Lwin, Chef Ye Nanda, Chocolate and Marzipan artists are at Bagan again,- followed by Daw Thuzar Myint of Shwe Yin Mar for Educational talks on

Myanmar Cuisine, food safety, hygiene and very special for Nutrition talks to Myanmar Tourists and show owners at the Lawkananda Pagoda Festival & Myanmar Food Fair Bagan 2018. 



Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

World Chefs Without Border, Yangon 12.8.2018 





1. Report & Preparation 3.8.2018

Thank you very much for the very quick at the spot & generous donations in cash and kind, food, logistics, man power …..within a day plus you ensured the mission

is on : ” MCA – WCWB Flood Aid – Mobile Field Kitchen 8.2018 – Shwegyin, Myanmar,


A Total of: 8300 $ US plus are generated in nearly 1 day plus & more to come.

–  5.770.000 Kyat ( 4000 $ US ) are collected in cash and kind ( food – clothing )

–  6.235.000 Kyat ( 4300 $ US ) in Medical items from MCA Aid store..



MCA / WCWB, Flood Aid Field Kitchen North Bago Shwegyin – Villages

Yangon 3.8.2018 – Update, Plan & Donor recognition

See MCA FB and Website and below all up to now donations ….of friends of the needy

2.) Thank you already for at the spot donations to at 3.8. – 20:00 pm:

– Ma Thuzar Myint & April of Shwe Yin Mar Coffee   each 100.000 Kyat  ( total 200.000 K )

– IKON Market ( Electrolux by Chef Ye Nanda )  50 kg dice Beef Brisket & 50 kg Salmon                              

– Hlaing Family Supplier    ( thanks Kyaw Kyaw )      300 kg big onions ( 450.000 K )

– Tin Tin Thein Supplier    ( thanks Taing Kyaw )       100 kg big Potatoes

– Mulwarra – Mr Rory O Conner                                   50 kg Australian Lamb, stored

– MCA staff Ma Saw Sandy & Friends                                100.000 Kyat

– MCA funds                                                                          500.000 Kyat

– Laguna ECO Lodge Ngapali                                              500.000 Kyat ( Laguna Lodge Ngapali Beach )

– Ko Zaw Naing & Friends ( clothing ) &                             200.000 Kyat ( Fonterra in charge )

– Chef Aung Kyaw Soe & Friends ( clothing ) &                130.000 Kyat ( Taw Win Garden Hotel )

– Chef Kyaw Moe Khaing Mdl – Prime Restaurant & Bar   300.000 Kyat ( Mandalay )

– Chef Myo Sandar Htun ( Seeds Restaurant )                     30.000 Kyat

– Chef Moe Moe & Artist Thein Naing                                    30.000 Kyat

– Chef Than Naing Tun & Pastry Chef Eric Wong               300.000 Kyat ( Young – MCA President )

– Chef Myo Min Soe          with Bus transfer to region       ( Rosegarden Hotel )

– Ma Thitsa Wabo              with support on the way            ( Food Supplier )

– MCA Pastry Alliance     48 kg Dry Beans, 48 kg Lentils, 4 kg Chili powder, 16 kg Tamarind, 32 L Oil

– Chef Ye Nanda & Naing Oo          collecting aid and set up field kitchen ( Nanda Catering )

– Daw Ma Ma Khin – PVR Ngapali             200 port dry noodle soup ( PVR Hotel gapali Beach )

– Daw Hnin Nu Nu Naing, Mai Mai & Family   ( 500 T Shirts )    750.000 Kyat   ( Wave Water )

– Golden Elephant – Shwe Sein Noodle , Daw Thazin Tun         100.000 Kyat ( 600 pack )

– Mandalay Chefs are on with man power & funds

Urgent Needed are:

– Dry Beans, Lentil & Chick Pea, Chili Powder, Turmeric, Garlic, Fish paste, Eggs


1.) Update, Plan ( 3.8.18 – 11:00 am )

– Friday 3.8.18 /// late afternoon loading of bus and truck

  – Chefs & Volunteers to register with MCA Office, to have copy NRC card, phone and E mail


  – Chef Ye Nanda & Naing Oo set up the Aid Field Kitchens

  – delivery of donated items to MCA Office


– Saturday 4.8.18 // 3:00 am start driving via Thirimingalar Zee to Bago

  –   7:00 am meet and support of 3 Disaster & Relief Guides for MCA from

                 Union Ministry of Social Welfare for all at site arrangements and coordination

  – 11:00 am planned to be at Shwegyin and set up the MCA Aid Field Kitchen start cooking

  – 15:00 pm first 600 portion of healthy, nutritious, clean rich Soup ready for distribution


– Union Social Welfare will coordinate where how many hundreds of meals are needed we or they

  as well any other aid organization with man power or funds can pick up the MCA-WCWB meals

  and distribute within the Disaster Operation plan of Social Welfare to grant a blanket distribution

  and avoid double serving to some when others do not get and are forgotten.


– Aid Distribution Plastic Waste free ( in 20 l ( 60-70 port ) & 50 l ( 200 port ) hard container

  – after delivery container come back cleaned and used again and again save money & nature.


– MCA will keep the kitchen open as long as our food rations are sufficient, and Chefs man power

   is at hands ..


– The bus is planned to drive back Sunday afternoon ( gives chefs & friends a chance to follow   

  and be of great help and back by Sunday night .. ),


– Monday 6.8.18 new Chefs lead by Chef Zwe Pyi Paing will travel to the MCA-WCWB Aid Field

  Kitchen support together and take over if others chefs get back ….as long as fund and food is

  available…    Chefs which like to follow contact 01 501123 / 09 513 8411.


Oliver E Soe Thet , President Myanmar Chefs Association, – Yangon 3.8.2018  – 20:00 pm


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