MLA Golden Bull Chefs

MLA Golden Bull Chefs

May 25, 2018 Events General News 0
Dear Chefs
With pleasure we see that MLA Golden Bull Chefs teams registered from all
Tourism destinations an overwhelming support  Thank YOU.
Download the RULES Here | Download the Explanation SLIDES Here

Still many questions were open the past days and all your commends you Chefs

sent to us or we discussed in small groups we discussed further with Master Chef

Richmond Lim and Mrs. Rose of MLA. Pls see some excellent power point info,-

some short to the point hints and 2 pictures from KL 2017 Golden Bull ( there with

6 portions we need in MCAC 2018 ONLY 4 portion at appetizer ).  These are all only

guidelines so see also ideas from KL Red Meat Congress in October 2013.

Mainly try to think different,- so still follow the rules of modern & healthy cooking,

go for the best taste, most tenderness and wonderful juiciness’…having the mise

en place and personal hygiene in best place control waste, water and energy than

a great World Chefs standard medal is already yours. Add the ultimate more and

with a bit of luck you are in the final round on 8.6.18 and maybe the top winner

of this for Myanmar the very first time Prestigious MLA Golden Bull Award.

Good Luck & always Fair Play, see below hints, yours


Oliver E Soe Thet, MCA Myanmar 23.5.2018

( for questions write to or call 01 532278 MCA.  


Important Notes & Hints for MLA Golden Bull Challenge

1.If Meat is not cooked  Team will be disqualify, = No Tartare

2.Proper usage of beef cuts

3.Preferable medium done if serve and presented in pieces

4.Ensure tender and tasty if braise

5.Maximize usage and minimize wastage

6.Hot food serve Hot & cold food serve Cold

7.Ensure appropriate garnishes (edible, no raw rosemary etc )

8.Ensure plate size used according to the rules

9.Do not over complicate the dishes

10.Ensure soup serve is piping hot

11.Competitors have to bring their own cutleries & crockeries ware, china ware.

12.ONLY Platter used and not individually plated

13.Family style serving and sharing

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