Chef Myo Sandar Tun, The Seeds Restaurant

Chef Myo Sandar Tun, The Seeds Restaurant

April 14, 2018 Events General News 0

Chef Myo Sandar Tun, TheSeeds Restaurant – Yangon, wins Bronze Award at Global
Chef,- Semi Final in Bangkok s

Thaifex 2017. Already since years at the radar of international judges, chef Myo Sandar Tun, which just loves cooking. Known for have won many international
standard medals as well ” Best Junior Chef ” at 2014 Food Hotel Myanmar, Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition was since month busy preparing and training the required three course menu for the prestigious Global Chefs semi final.

Thanks to the great and motivating support of The Seeds Restaurant Yangon patrons Chef Felix and Mrs Lucia Episser,- a key for a chef to perform best is the support of ” at homes ” chefs, manager, owners


Thanks also to Ko Zaw of Fronterra and Premium Food
Distribution both again best quality food product supporter for the Myanmar chef. Winning together coming back with a Bronze Award from Global Chefs semi final in a hard battle as individual in the ” Hot Cage “,- best quality equipment provided Kitchens by Event9 s Khun Arnut and WCWB Chairman Chef Willment Leong for all chefs.

Le Planteur s Chef Zin Myo Nwe and Ma Khin Khet Khet
Khaing, MCA secretary accompanied the
chef for all work support as last fresh shopping, mise en place, more tips and tricks and the usual boxes carry to Impact Bangkok. Than the last minute issues, changes and challenges,- ensure that the chef just cooks and concentrate on the tasks. Most were performed great and as expected – including the slapsticks which happens to all of us when nerves under time pressure and the one thing is
different from expected and the other yesterday sure but at the arena all is different from a usual A la Carte in home restaurants kitchen. The Global Chef challenge 2017 kitchens all at State of the Art standards in Bangkok. A challenge in Myanmar still, despite the fast growing Hotel & Restaurant industry,- that a hear best sponsorship for World standard Culinary events in Myanmar a good support by near all Kitchen equipment supplier are near NOT Existing, with the exception from Rational` s always excellent jobs & NTS ( NTS so with limited Yangon stocks ). Here a training
and educational spirit is very much missing in Myanmar compared to all other regional countries and competition equipment partnership.

The bronze medal was a great result and of course even more important that Myanmar Chefs take part in the Asian and Global culinary events.

To exchange – friendship, experience, secrets, new ways
and Equipment for cooking. Ideas and trends for display & presentation. And to show the world that Myanmar` s
Culinary scene & Chefs are known and recognized at the World Stage. Be part of the global world and its high standards and ensure that Myanmar Cuisine makes
its way through the world and attracts more and more Tourists to visit Myanmar – support marine and agriculture exports, as well Myanmar chefs to celebrate all
over the globe ,— a good English Language foundation of course than a must…… here clear to say and need to highlight that at present young Myanmar
Chefs again speak less or NO English.

A sad and much negative side effect, of an usually positive development that more and more Myanmar, well in foreign mainly mid east trained senior chefs taking over key
positions in top Myanmar Hotels and Restaurant kitchens…. There than, naturally understandable,- speaking only Myanmar in these kitchens. A whole new
generation of young Myanmar chefs is in danger to loose out on the daily English language communications at the job,- so much important for them and their
carrier development to become an international quality chef…Myanmar senior head chefs, F&B, HR and all over management should ensure that the daily
Kitchen language remains and highlighted to be English as ” On the Job ” one learns the most and best.

Also in Bangkok that week was another edition of World Chefs, WACS Certified Culinary Judge Seminar,– I renewed my license for another 5 years with the
full day attendance,- much new and very well educated issues, thoughts, tips and techniques by WACS continental Director Dr Rick Stephens.

We brainstormed a possible WACS certified Judge seminar for Myanmar Chefs in early April 2018 in Yangon – combined with special Master Classes by Dr Rick Stephens on culinary competition preparation for individuals, teams
and organizing members on all top WACS Rules, Regulations and Standards.

And as culinary events as, “Global Chefs semi finals”, are also events of meet and greet,- it was not a surprise
that again a 37 Years old Bond of Chefs from same Culinary College with same Culinary Professor Georg Maushagen – Duesseldorf, three Chefs met again as HK s Andreas Mueller, Bangkok` s Pastry Chef Otto Jurish and Oliver Esser Soe Thet.

Congratulation to Chef Myo Sandar Tun and all involved
in the success process, to be brave and well planned in her preparation for WACS Global Chef the bronze award was a
great success…. a success to build on for future competitions as the next good challenge will be FHA 2018 – 22.4. to 29.4.2018 in Singapore as individual or as

Already now senior chefs and pastry chefs should look into, train and groom young Myanmar Chefs for the next round in 2 years 2019 WACS Global Chef & Pastry Chef

– Senior as well Junior ( under 25 years ) to run for Myanmar, raise the level and care the next generation of Myanmar Top Chefs…

Wish you all a good work and may see
you on 15.8. & 16.8.17 at Premium Food Distribution live Kitchen for the than certified US Potato Master Class –
register at 01 501123 / 532267
, Ma Kay Khaing,

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs

Global Board, World Chef Without

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