Tourists have a Voice and Tourism Money dictates the Choice

Tourists have a Voice and Tourism Money dictates the Choice

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Responsible Tourists Protect Ngapali Beach …

What About YOU ???

Myanmar Chefs Association starts a new environmental protective – awareness campaign. Through information of what is illegal to inform the buyer ( Myanmar & Foreign ) and request his responsibility not to buy any endangered or protected land and marine products anymore. Where there is no buyer there will be no seller at the end.

Mainly Myanmar Chefs Association raises awareness against selling of Sea Corals ( white hard as well red and yellow soft corals as at present sold in Ngapali Beach openly even at the Mazin Airport. Daily under the eyes of Myanmar Police Force) , Balloon fish, Sea Turtle meat or any parts, Shark fins but also forest animals as Pangolins, Hornbill Birds.

MCA for Sustainable & Responsible Community Based Tourism

MCA asks Myanmar Police Force to Enforce the Law and stop illegal Marine Trade in Ngapali Beach

All these in the rest of the world often extinct animals are still in Myanmar and Ngapali – they are the ” Golden Eggs ” ( next to fine soft white sand ) which are guarantee Tourism and Tourists to come to Ngapali Beach and Tourism to Rakhine State.  

There are many more destinations with each destination its very own bio diversity to protect and keep alive as they give you food and money only once when killed , broken or destroyed,— but they can give you, work, food and money the whole live every day when keep them in their habitats natural live….

In 12 years in 2030 for example there will be NO More Wild Elephant in Myanmar in the speed poacher kill for quick money at present in Myanmar s nature and the Myanmar Police Force within the Union Home Ministry is not able to stop or slow down such.  

Tourists and Tourism have a big weapon to use against Destinations as Ngapali and punish if a Destination and its people fail to stop the very view which do wrong and sell illegal – Tourist just than do not come back anymore and the ” Golden Egg ” is slaughtered – will never come back.

Myanmar Chefs Association ask every one to make pictures where illegal items are sold as Corals, Turtle products as along Ngapali Tourism street in open day light and send the pictures with a complaint to the Union Minister of Tourism as well to the Chairman of Myanmar Tourism Federation by E Mail:-; // MTF;

Tourists have a Voice and Tourism Money dictates the Choice

Oliver E Soe Thet, Chairman Myanmar Chefs Association, 30.3.2018

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