MCA Celebrates with Ngapali Beach Young Chefs; Rakhine National Day,- 15.12.2016

MCA Celebrates with Ngapali Beach Young Chefs; Rakhine National Day,- 15.12.2016

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Yangon based Myanmar Chefs and active MCA & Y-MCA members, Chef Ye Nanda Khin, Kaung Myat Thu and Naing Oo planned to throw a YOUNG Chefs Party for the chefs in Ngapali Beach Rakhine state on 15.12.2016 – the Rakhine National Day.

Under sponsorship of Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel in Ngapali Beach all chefs arrived early by bus from Yangon and 15.12.2016 morning 7:00 am to Thandwe market for fresh best seafood and vegetables.

Best Sailfish, King Dorade, Snappers, Prawns and Octopus were at the market, some Chicken for the rice, vegetable, salad, snacks and soft drinks,– by 10:00 am the Yangon chefs were in the kitchen and started preparation for the 40 to 45 chefs  crowed and night party which should not start before 21:30 / 22:00 pm as all Ngapali chefs are in high season and as the bookings are very good kitchens were busy until after 21:30 pm …..

The Amara Ocean Resort all kitchen staff came already at afternoon as the far away distance would have made a night joining difficult. It was still a good gathering with snacks and soft drinks, and a good brake for the young chefs from the kitchen busy preparations.  

Chef Ye Nanda held some educational talks on the importance of English in the Kitchens to grant a chef a best carried – Myanmar language alone does not bring anyone further on the job anymore….. not only staff and management a Chef today must be able also to get out to the restaurant and speak to the guests as part of a hands on marketing and keep the guests at ” YOUR ” restaurant in high competition times, ( often hindered more through Monopoly style admin still and again more ).

Chef Nanda also introduced the NEW MCA – World Chefs Certification program for chefs which have several ( from 3 years ) years intense job experience in culinary fields  also pastry chefs and different levels. Now through MCA,- young and old Myanmar chefs which worked their live in the kitchen and since than are left without any certification can do so now and apply at MCA Office and online ( ) ….This certificate of Global international standard after a learning and examination period will be issues by the World Chefs WACS and will set the record right, benefit thousands of Chefs in Myanmar to be than able after successful passed can show case and stand for their right position in the kitchen and more important to build up on this. A Myanmar Chefs Associations exclusive cooperation with World Association of Chefs Societies ( WACS ) – MCA a 17 years full member of WACS, World Chefs.

Chef Kaung Myat Thu as promoter for Rakhine Young Chefs,….         

focused again on Food Hotel Myanmar 2017 & 4th Myanmar Culinary Competition 7.6. to 9.6.2017 at MCC at Yangon s Mindhamma Hill.  Chef Kaung Myat Thu and Italian Master Chef Eric agreed on training by Chef Kaung Myat to Rakhine – Ngapali experienced Chefs to challenge all other Myanmar Chefs at the 4th MCAC – to join the only such Culinary Excellence Event in Myanmar,- which gives the chance to each chef of Myanmar to see over 500 chefs cooking over 500 dishes all different plated, cooked and creation. Myanmar traditional cooking, modern plated and free style two course menu.

To ensure that this 2017 many Rakhine chefs join this for Myanmar only global Culinary Event, meet with chefs from S Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia and rest of Myanmar. Take part in Master Classes and join the chefs of Stage as Winning Chefs.

MCA will as usual pay for all Chefs, Pastry Chefs & Service staff from Rakhine State the two way bus tickets, the entrance will be free of charge for you all chefs and you will come back much enriched from a 3 days Culinary Show which is much more than Cooking Only.    Chef Eric will provide his Kitchen to Chef Kaung Myat Thu, Laguna Lodge will provide room for the training period. The training will be between March and May 2017 in Ngapali Beach.

At 22:00 pm than all other Hotel & Restaurant chefs came over to the Rakhine National Day party by MCA Ngapali Beach,….. Chef Ye Nanda and Kaung Myat Thu held after some welcome drinks the same educational talks on the MCA certified program as well Rakhine Chefs to MCAC 2017 in Yangon which was with high spirit welcome by all the near 40 young and senior chefs from Ngapali Beach —- “… We want to challenge all other Chefs at the MCAC 2017 with OUR Rakhine CUISINE….. ” …. right they are as a Rakhine Fishhead Soup, Rakhine Seafood Salads, Dips and sauces are of the best in Myanmar and can at any time stand against a Thailand Tom Yam Goong…. This is it all about strengthen the national Cuisine Spirit and use kitchen and Chefs to promote Rakhine, The People, The Products , The Places for a Peaceful and all involved Positive development and to become a Culinary Powerhouse within the great variety of all Myanmar Cuisine out of 132 ethnical races and so cuisines.

Than was party time with an excellent Rakhine Seafood BBQ, Drinks and all Myanmar songs from two bands ( a group of chefs and a Guitar each ), with the big Ngapali Beach Bon Fire the party lasted until 3:00 am in the morning….

Thank you Chef Ye Nanda Khin, Chef Kaung Myat Thu and Naing Oo as well all Laguna Lodge staff for the all efforts to bring all Ngapali Rakhine chefs together and have taken steps to ensure that many of them can come , see and enter to the MCAC 2017 at the 4th Food Hotel Myanmar 7.6. to 9.6.2017 in Yangon MCC- Mindhamma Hill

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