Walking for first time in Life funded by Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotels Guests

Walking for first time in Life funded by Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotels Guests

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ECO Fund used for a new Leg, 9 years old Ma San Htit Girl, Northern Shan State

( more cases of Dysmelie, Congenital Deformities of both hands. – Syndaktylie, cleft hands or feet ).

Thank You to the Ngapali Beach guests of Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel,- as their ECO Fund 2,5 Euro a stay will fund as next project that young Shan Lady Ma San Htit – 9 years old and at 2nd grade, living near Tachilake the ” Golden Triangle ” will get a new left leg – a prosthesis at the Yangon Orthopedic Hospital.

Ma San Htit was born with a multiple handicapped at toes, fingers and with a missing left foot. Since birth her family need to carry her all over a bit she can crawl on the left knee which had hardened the left knee skin already as it was used as a shoe. Here in Tachilake her right hand & fingers were operated to ensure that she gets a good grip, be able to write in school and hold things as normal. 

2010 MCA/WCWB started such special medical projects with the support of LOG, Aviation Without Borders Germany ( an aid arm of FRAPORT – Frankfurt Airport ) and Otto Bock global leader in prosthesis. Than 12 years old Cyclone Nargis survivor Mg San Htay from Labutta which we noticed with his used PVC drain pipe below his knee only made him walking ,- got the great chance through Mr Frank Franke, President of LOG Germany to have all prosthesis done state of the art in Germany in Gottingen sponsored by Otto Bock. Just in 2016 a second time Mg San Htay was able to go to Germany as he grew much taller and needed urgent a new larger prosthesis. In 2009 Mg San Htay which also had several miss building s at his hands got also operated first by Dr Heinz Schoeneich at a Thandwe Hospital charity mission arranged and funded by Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel, Ngapali Beach Front.

Responsible Tourism by Laguna Lodge Guests support children can walk & play:

2017 Rakhine, Myabin Village – Ngapali, Boy Maung Soe Myint was funded by Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Guests – ECO Fund ( 2,5,Euro a stay ),- also born with one leg only, walking slow always with crutches and only able to watch his friends play at the beach. In May 2017 he could be sent to Yangon orthopedic Hospital with his mother – travel and all food charges as well covered for several weeks to get a new leg first time in live and stay there for several week training walking, running , play football and how to maintain the prosthesis. Now long back in Ngapali as in June 17 the school started again – Mg Soe Myint always at the sideline when his friends played – now Mg Soe Myint is part of the team with some new Adidas shoes donated by LOG Germany he also plays Football every day now. In some years when he as well grows up we will arrange a second & lager prosthesis to be included always for the rest of his live.    

Ma San Htit 9 years old from Tachilake we will bring to Yangon direct after water festival 20th April 18 for the important prosthesis treatment,- enough time for all fittings & training to have her back at 1st June 2018 in Tachilake at her school enter 3rd grade – walking proud by herself and play as all the other children,- have her new leg and her right hand operated to hold a pen and learn writing as all her class made  s,- living from now on a normal live,– in a view years again we will look for her when she is grown up and need a new wider prosthesis….

Thank you to all Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel guests which made this 9 year old girls live changing charity happen with their 2,5 Euro a stay / per guests ECO fund donation,- we know well there are much more such cases ( Dysmelie, Congenital Deformities of both hands. – Syndaktylie, cleft hands or feet ).    

Ma San Htit – 9 years old and in 2nd grade from near Tachilake need to be carried all time or crawl on the knee of her left leg. Dr Heinz prepared the leg already for Yangon orthopedic Hospital and prosthesis fitting so here once Hospital an all in one surgery… no need to start in Yangon again.  

More children will be funded – send us the contacts:

As there are many more such cases we are very happy to support each one as much as possible,- if you know or see one such case, pls send us all data ( picture, name, father name, address, phone number, age ) to angelatmyanmar@gmail.com // esserrene@aol.com

1. June Ma San Htit will walk proud by herself into the school,- a very smart and charming young Shan Lady,— I am sure in the years to come we will hear more of her… , Yours

Oliver E Soe Thet ,– Global Board – World Chefs Without Borders

President MCA / Consultant – Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali Beach Front, Myanmar 5.3.2018

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