German Interplast Munich under the lead of Dr Heinz Schoeneich @ Golden Triangle

German Interplast Munich under the lead of Dr Heinz Schoeneich @ Golden Triangle

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( 21 years free specialist operations in plastic
surgery,– burns, tumors, cleft lips and pallets with over 5000 poor patients operated
all over Myanmar from near Thai Border
Kawthaung to Chinas Lashio, Bangladesh s Rakhine border,
Bothitaung – Sittwe and


at India s Border and now at
Golden Triangle Tachilake )….
The 9th medical team arranged by Myanmar Chefs
Association ( World Chefs Without Borders,- Myanmar ) from October


March 2018 in Myanmar,—mainly German Interplast as above & attached so also Neurosurgery, Dental treatment and education,
– EAGLE – German ENT – Ear operations for then benefit of hundreds of mainly poor people from Myanmar s rural areas.
People which not have even the money to travel , and no money to pay a Myanmar Drs – often such Drs are not available in a
Myanmar State as Rakhine , Kayah etc .. A main purpose so is Exchange of medical knowledge between German , USA, Swiss


Myanmar Dr Specialists as well all Hospital and
medical staff involved as ward and operation theater nurses and


Drs . Another part of all missions is to arrange Myanmar Drs to Europe for further training and cross training to work for a sustainable


development of Myanmar special in the rural areas where many Myanmar Drs do not want to work the duty as out of
,- financially etc prefer to stay in the big cities. As Myanmar has around 126 ENT surgeons but 1 is only in North Rakhine States Sittwe
,—NO ENT Ear Dr for 1 million people in all southern Rakhine State…. so simple ear drum issies became and become daily major


issues which need operations – and still without the foreign teams there would never be an ENT Dr for Thandwe / Ngapali,
, Taunguk all Southern Rakhine. Same applies even for the all Kayah and Chin state . Despite Loikaw in Kayah has a full functioning


at the in 2015 opened and by Japan with 17 million $ US built new State Hospital.
It comes all back to a management issue at State Secretary, Union Minister and DG level ability to arrange the 126 ENT Drs at least a

t equal

also outside of Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw …
Much has to be done more people to be trained and foreign support mostly


as State Counselor Daw Aung San Sue Kyi just said
yesterday in Nay Pyi Taw at the …
Again I personally welcome mostly and applaud to Daw Aung San Su Kyi and her statement at the International Conference
where she said yesterday:
State Counsellor urges union ministers to double their efforts in discharging
duties,- in her opening address
delivered at
Development Effectiveness Roundtable, held at Myanmar International
Convention Centre (2), Naypyitaw, on February 26.
I would like to urge our ministers to double their
efforts in discharging their duties, and I
would like to urge our partner organizations


this development work to consider providing technology or finance or other required resources for completion of this works, she said.

This roundtable held yesterday was attended by responsible officials of development partner
organizations from over 80 countries, responsible officials from INGOs, people
from the private sector, responsible officials from UMFCCI, responsible officials from parliaments, and responsible officials from States/Regions governments.

State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi added that
aid given by the international community played a pivotal role in revitalizing
and rejuvenating governmental departments and State institutions which were degraded after being isolated and from the international community for many years.

Thus I hope all development partner
organizations will stay close to us. And I would like to rely on all these development partner organizations for giving support and stimulation apart from providing financial resources and technical assistance in development work, she Daw Aung San Su Kyi

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