Myanmar: A Gov. Admin not welcome Aid, — Raise cost, Slow & Non Efficient Lower lever Social Welfare Nay Pyi Taw

Myanmar: A Gov. Admin not welcome Aid, — Raise cost, Slow & Non Efficient Lower lever Social Welfare Nay Pyi Taw

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Thank you to LOG – Aviation Without Borders Germany for Humanitarian Aid

to Kachin Refugees, 6 years in 92 camps around 300.000 IDP s

an official s info in Myiktina ),- 1,3 million $ US in 12 month as small NGO to Myanmar

This again 500.000 $ US humanitarian aid for Myanmar s, Humanitarian Hardship Hot Spots brought the total of aid to already over 1,3 million $ US in less than 12 month through LOG – Myanmar Chefs Association – WCWB partnership. Warm winter clothes, thick wool blankets and shoes essential for Northern Myanmar people in need.

We were during the aid mission from Myanmar Media often asked why only Myiktina & Waynmaw camps and not Tannai all New refugees…. ??? –– Our answer is simply as we: MCA- Myanmar & LOG Germany arranged all Aid based on reports of 100.000 IDP s in October around Myiktina,– month s  ago… No one that time ( in October 17 ) imagined that troops would leave Rakine State and be direct on a deadly duty at Kachin State by Christmas Eve…. triggering another Avalanche of Refugees or that even refugees had to run away from their Refugee Camps as past weeks…..( subject to be confirmed as we read only usual daily media )  .

At same time we received in November 17 another three big 40 foot container foreign aid offer close to a 1 million $ US and we rejected the offer, as at a certain administration at DG level in Nay Pyi Taw the present two container were more on the ” Mass UP & Miss Management of Foreign Good Will Aid “,, no sign of success.– it proved us right as we had in 10 years for the very first time to pay ” Detention ” penalties at Yangon Port,- resulting in an near 3000 $ US extra charges due to some ” Union Ministry High ADMIN Officials ” Not able to a normal job,— We,- MCA Office did since Cyclone Nargis 2008 for over 30 Aid Container from Germany,- getting a Tax free and custom free import license for Humanitarian Aid.

Foreign Aid means = A Country or Union Ministry saves /gets Money = Looks Good

Which means in direct translation a certain Country or Government saves or do not need to spend such by their budget but donated by others – local or foreign.

The problem in Myanmar s Social Welfare Ministries – Admin Level is – They NOT Value it

But obstacles put in the way and ” share of the aid goods ” were demands from the Union Ministry DG level, which do not go well with an 2018 commend sense in Humanitarian Aid.   At same time I remember a now DG at social welfare Ministry being transferred there in 2009 plus and told me “…. Pls Mr Oliver Soe Thet ,/…. do not forget me when I am here …… “‘ I never forgot him as we worked best together and achieved best peoples health results when he was in health. NOW Myanmar people tell me just”…. it looks that He changed …. now he is DG … ” … not bad I would say but prove me right Mr. DG……… we have always International Humanitarian Aid for Myanmar as we love the people….. DG tell us when you are also ready for it … but than Quick, Efficient and Successful without 3000 $ US detention penalty fee as it should be. Your own DG or GAD Government & Ministry standard,…..why we not follow that….all the time was available,…. Kachin answers came back weeks ago……. where is the SOP of good & quick success oriented Government work today at all Ministries DG s levels ??????    

We sure will be able to donate this year Not 3000 $ US, so less to the Myanmar people as these DG and his admin were not able to arrange the usual ( as we did since 10 years and over 30 container ” Job in Time ” – my suggestion the DG follow me some weeks on the issues of work efficiency and Cost Control )….. I am an expert in cost control and work – admin efficiency …    

I am personally happy to pay the 3000 $ US on top from our private pocket,- for what other people in a Union Ministry massed up, knowing the people involved very well – and just to make sure that the Aid really end up in the Hands of the BY the German Donor requested Kachin IDP s,… and not get shared with a Certain Union Ministry for their what ever gains or reason…… As I see this as Not Ethical in Humanitarian Aid Work for the donor, in the eyes of all volunteers as well and most not acceptable for all the refugees IDPs.

A question remains:….. it look very much that the Union Minister of Social Welfare, Relieve and Resettlement had also his very much reason why now this from Union Minister himself as well at State level best managed Ministry is now split from two to three department and the new independent arm is headed by a very much independent person. It smells simply like one at the top want to see much more success and quick best enforcement and much less administration,-…stop the RED Tape in Social issues and stop Red Tape in Humanitarian Aid to Myanmar.            

Promote Kachin Best Organic Food

Chefs of Myanmar order food and culinary excellent products from KACHIN State, Waynmawnear Myiktina is a paradise for culinary products of the very best quality, NO Fertilizer best Organic Food promote a soonest Culinary Logistics Kachin Farmers to Myanmar Chefs .  

MCA & Pastry Alliance plans to install a bakery & cooking Training center at a Camp in Kachin for vocational training after the great success at Blind, Deaf and Street Girl School s in Yangon, projects which can quick finance them self through active quality pastry sales …. Volunteer chefs are requested. This apply also for foreign Chef / Pastry Trainer to support active the program.

MCA – World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar delivered the 500.000 $ US aid of warm winter clothes,thick wool blankets into the cold north of Myanmar at the ends of the Himalayans , a 1500 km truck s convoy with volunteer chefs of Ngapali Beach, Yangon, Mandalay all the way up.

Logistics in Myanmar was financially covered by Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali Beach, Myanmar shared with Tourists ECO Fund of Laguna Lodge.

1200 families and over 13.000 people received the quality branded aid items from Germany direct into their hands with much guiding support of MOFA and very active help of the whole Kachin State Government, specially the Minister of Social Welfare, Relieve & Resettlement, Health and Sport Dr Thin Lwin which joined the hand over at Waymaw camps..

Remarkable was how clean and organized the camps all were how much focus was there on space for children, medical support by the Government was granted as we asked for cleft lip, pallet patients children, where camp people reported that such quick always is taken care by the Government. Some Vocational trainings happen and there is in some camps a SME Amber cutting industry which gives some way to earn own money.

The main issue so is that all these 300.000 refugees in over 92 Camps around Myiktina as an official told me want to go home to their own land stay where they belonged to. Scary are the reports in recent month s at Myanmar media, that former top officials and Ministers of past Governments seems to own now thousands of acres of Kachin peoples land, people which often stay them self in the camps. In terms of such Burmese sure not the right way and sure not a way to reach peace a day more early. It can be said that a total mind set change in some societies of Myanmar is a must before any real peace can come to this big country Myanmar. And it might be possible only with a generation or two to deep the cuts and pain for some,—- to high the profits to gain for the others……

All under the aspect that Kachin state is just simply far to rich in natural resources and rule of law keeps waiting to be full installed. For to many years specially after 1988 have Non Kachin licked the sweetness of money made without much own input, ( Just by chance – by position – by NO Law Enforcement ) for the natural resources there and today driven by an even more Non Myanmar Unity evil,—- the Geo Political and Macro Economical value of this all area in North Myanmar.

At the end of a war and wish for a hopefully soon peace there,– it will keep the many Kachin people as what they are now, Refugees, in the future maybe Economical Refugees working as labor on their former own land,- for someone from Myanmar which was just at the right time in right place and right position. Lets see as History will tell us very very soon. 

Kachin blessed with great Natural Soil and hard working Spirit f its people…

A soil as in all Waymaw region which does not need any fertilizer, grows what ever touches the earth and is harvested in most beauty and rich value as not see anywhere in rest of Myanmar.

Societies backgrounds may have also lead to a mentality that people work more, more efficient or more success oriented than in many low laying areas of Asia…A cold winter time which makes it necessary to be prepared with food and wood in time when one wants to survive sure created also a Mind Set among the Kachin people there which is much more alert and always ready in time to cope the challenges …by nature.    

Thank you to the many Chefs for World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar & Chef Thu Rein Htun s arrangements, which downloaded the two 40 foot container in Yangon in January,- than the many chefs volunteer repacked all the Aid boxes, loaded again onto the Trucks, the three day trip up north to near China border,- in Myiktina downloading to MCA-WCWB store room and than again on the trucks to the camps into the hands of the Kachin people. 

Very special thanks to MCA Mandalay Chairman Chef Aung Naing Thu for all chefs and volunteer Young Chefs arranged to follow the aid mission. 


Oliver E Soe Thet

Myiktina Kachin State 8.2.2018


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