BIO Gardening for Myanmar Sustainable Tourism

BIO Gardening for Myanmar Sustainable Tourism

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Integrated BIO Gardens for Community Based Tourism

Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel, Ngapali Beach 2018

Not only trendy but more,- Healthy a pillar to stay healthy is
healthy food for healthy cuisine. This starts with healthy soil, water and air a bit time to invest and have the garden free for the sun rays to touch the soil. Not to much, not to long , some plants more wet some more dry. Not every plant, fruit, berry or
herb likes the same soil,- some need more others are easy with little……..and still after all this experience needed often the simple farmer grows the biggest potatoes….

Transfer of knowledge to local farmers of products with better yield and better
income through Tourism – Myanmar Chefs Association.

Transfer of knowledge to local farmers of products with better yield and better
income through Tourism – Myanmar Chefs Association.

To be more on the save side Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Ngapali Beach, Myanmar is since 2006 at best friend
with Mr Guenter Sondermann, a German professional Bee keeper and professional ORGANIC farmer and makes a living as such in Germany usually. The past years ” Guenny ” spent always several month s in Ngapali – Myanmar to try and study different plants, vegetables,
potatoes as far as from Bolivia, herbs to eat, season and to smoke and had this year a much breakthrough with many items , so often different as first thought – well growing and developing. Myanmar Lemmon Grass excellent to grow between all to have the soil
clear from pesticides , Japan Mizuma Leaves which turned very spicy – ” Wasabi Like ” and here a great try for a fusion with sashimi or sushi of Ngapali ` King Mackerels.

Much exchange already established between two ECO Hotels in Myanmar,-
The Prince Hotel Mrauk Oo and Laguna Lodge in Ngapali Beach Front, Ma Shwe Ngwe & U Htun Shwe exchanged more views to try out more fine agriculture items well useful for Traditional Myanmar as well International so Italian – Mediterranean Cuisine. Products
which can in short time bring with less effort much more income to the local farmer in Mrauk Oo as well Ngapali Beach – Myanmar. Tourism based, responsible and involved Community projects. Just as they are in other places in the world as in Mauritius natural
due to the French business there centuries ago. Here is much potential and a Win – Win for all as local produced herbs and vegetables which are at present still imported to Ngapali – will than by local farmers taken over. With all benefits to the Local communities
through Tourism. Carbon footprints get less, cost and sales prices lower which itself serves the more consumption of all at the end.

Getting the bees out of the guests rooms was the second target 3 years ago by ” Guenny “, him self
an Expert and German Certified Bee keeper with 300 kg quality Honey at sale from his own bees in Germany. Over 3 years study on the much smaller bees or wild bees of Ngapali Beach – Myanmar Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel enjoys now thanks to ” Guenny ” three Bee
Families nice boxed in,— ” A House against Honey “… is the deal. The first honey was taken and surprise a very rare ” Black Honey ” was harvested a very special Honey not often
find. It depend on the food and what bees find and some in some years leys help the bees to get through the chlorophyll of the plants leaves this ” Black Honey “.

For this season Mr Guenter is back to Germany to get his own Farm out of the winter sleep and all
ready for the spring and summer time. The Bees at Laguna Lodge in Ngapali are set best to rest with enough food and the next round starting in November 2018 should bring some good Organic Ngapali Bee Natural Honey for the guests at Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel.

The main reason for these projects as BIO Garden and Bee Keeping is to transfer knowledge with schools
of Ngapali and other Tourism Destinations, with farmers to invite and visit the Laguna Lodge BIO Gardens and Bees. To see how easy with the still very fertile Myanmar soil Organic Farming can be done,– how with some knowledge and hands on experience bees
in Myanmar and Ngapali s mountains no need to be all killed only just to get the valuable Honey,- Yes that all this can become a standard and sustainable business to support the Tourism Industry of Ngapali Beach and Myanmar,— smokeless , natural, healthy
and sustainable for a High Class Hospitality & Cuisine.

Thank you very much ” Guenny “, also Elke his wife for the YOGA Master Courses at Laguna Lodge –
Ngapali Beach Front this year again,,,, Oliver E Soe Thet – Laguna Lodge family.

Info at : / 043 42 312 Mrs Pan Sue Aung .

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