Ngapali Beach,- Tourism Union Minister, H.E. U Ohn Maung

Ngapali Beach,- Tourism Union Minister, H.E. U Ohn Maung

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  1. Western Myanmar Cook Book of OIKOS Village Project

Laguna Lodge Ngapali supports Western Myanmar Cooking Classes , A project which involve Western Myanmar community in Tourism , keep and create Jobs help to understand the long term benefit of sustainable tourism while protecting the environment, keeping up traditions and traditional work, understand foreign needs while protecting the own cultural heritage Western Myanmar.  MCA handed over the cook book with Ngapali Chef Aung Chit and Oliver Soe Thet to H.E. U Ohn Maung in Ngapali Beach on 17.12.17. German Organic – sustainable farm & Honey Bee Expert,- Mr Gunter Sondermann, explained to the Minister how organic farming also in small scale, at Hotel can be a great asset and marketing tool as well that bees often in guest rooms in rural area no need to be killed under the slogan ,- ” Give the Bees a Home & the Bees will give you, your own Organic Honey…. “. Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel practice this already with Guenter Sondermann, the German Organic farming and Honey Bee expert at Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel, Ngapali Beach already since many years.  

The OIKOS ( Italian INGO ) & Partners project of some 24 villages near Gentali – Western Myanmar for sustainable tourism, where development happens, so Western Myanmar Authentic Culture and Heritage can go along with each other and with the aim of minimum damage to environment and promotion of Western Myanmar Culture  is the focus of this wonderful tool for Community based Tourism. Here popular Ngapali Beach Hotel s can offer their guests a window into real Western Myanmar live, culture & cuisine. Call 01 501123 or mail to …. for arrangements if support needed. We are at your service…

This is real Community Based Tourism in Myanmar – through Ngapali Beach

Combine a 1 day tour for Ngapali Tourists & extend their stay a day, with traditional fresh & fish market, traditional Thandwe Longi & Bamboo Place Mats, the 25 years monk mummy of Salon, a crab fishing farm, a Salt and Fleur de Sel farm, a deni – ” Nippa leave Roofing sheet ” workshops and a fantastic – educational Mangrove River tour with chance to see the near extinct Mangrove Monkeys …..all on the way and around Gentaly a 2 hours drive from Ngapali Beach ( Ngapali – The best Beach in Myanmar ) a great 1 day Ngapali ” Backland ” adventure happy holiday. 

Every Tourist visiting the Gentaly – Community Day Tour from Ngapali also at same time helps to protect the rare Mangrove Monkeys – much endangered as 1 Gentali family only is hunting the endangered Monkeys down,- Law Enforcement is not jet a priority there despite that the States Government knows well about the one family hunting down this Tourism attraction and Natural habitat of Gentali s Mangrove Forest. The Tourism Eyes, Cameras and pictures have avery big power – we like to ask every one to use this power and helpo to protect Myanmar nature and here the Mangrove Monkeys as the State Government is not able jet… 

The Cook Book is available at 12 $ US at Laguna Lodge – ECO Tourism, Cooking classes and Tours to Gentaly and Mangrove Monkeys and more: Booking also at Laguna Lodge 043 42 312, / 01 501123 – //… support the communities and protect their sustainability by supporting the villages without broker and direct contacts only….

Myanmar Chefs Association promotes the Project and encourage more Chefs and every one which likes Myanmar cooking, to do the same from their area – destination in Myanmar …….get in contact for more cook books….

Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association 17.12.2017

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