MCA/WACS Welcomes the Culinary Institute of Myanmar (CIM)

MCA/WACS Welcomes the Culinary Institute of Myanmar (CIM)

December 21, 2017 Events General News 0

“Keeping Quality Leading to Success”, as I learnt,-

as an essential tool to further boost the standards in Myanmar s still small culinary vocational training scene, for both, the international quality education to Myanmar s young generation, as well to motivate the existing and established to upgrade and look over the, ” Golden Edge ” of Myanmar s past 60 years. Join a global world which is getting smaller and smaller,- no one want to be left behind. Quality vocational training, best as dual system is the utmost needed urgent to support in Myanmar. 

The last day of Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition & Food Hotel Myanmar 2017, it was Fraser of UBM our partner for the annual biggest Hotel & Culinary show in Myanmar which introduced me to Miss Phyu Hnin Oo of Culinary Institute of Myanmar. She herself educated for Hotel Management in USA,- Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute Rhode Island near Boston and New York.

Young and energetic she asked us if we could work together for the 2018 FHMM and MCAC in terms of Pastry, Bakery competitions. This hit me very positive,- one which plans a year ahead in Myanmar has all our full support. There was never one which was able to think and plan that much ahead,- this is and was always our language. To much every year it was a run from left to right, for this and that to ensure even with global food & equipment players their commitment, which is at the end always there – so an eight month pre arrangement and all in dry towels is for most still not visible.

Quick we agreed to meet on this issue and soon I got the dates of the new ” Course 6 for 2 weeks Pastry Training ” this Monday 19.6.17. Sure I had to see this and planned to be there short in the morning to see the theory as well come back at afternoon for the practical training.

At, no. 411, corner of Tayet Taw Street 3 and Kanar Road, Kyi Myin Dine Township, Yangon easy to see the yellow / orange building. When you are just in a staircase leads you to the training rooms,- so not before changing shoes,- all is about Hygiene and Food Safety.

Heavy equipment is set up at 2nd floor,- one wonder how that found the way up the small staircase,- no.. the floor was opened and all pulled up and a heavy steel structure ensured the floor save with the heavy equipment. All is there for well 24 to 30 students to work in small groups of 5. Help, learn and support each other, a good team work experience under the guidance of the two lectures at all time. Theory class rooms follow at third floor.

The morning started with theory and what I loved next to the good multi media room was that the exercise books are with key words all written Bilingual,- in English and Myanmar. Most important today,- give young Myanmar a better chance to get on also on the international job platform as well continue study through internet most also in English. As already in kinder gardens in Myanmar,- vocational training and education in Hospitality Industry MUST have also an English speaking sector. Hospitality and tourism is international and not domestic only.

The course today was a two weeks course, touch all subjects of pastry / bakery full time Monday to Friday and cost 400.000 kyat. We all know that this might be a lot of money for many,- so we also know that with such rate there is not much money to make as Yangon rental fees, good trainer and food products eat most of such revenue. Do not think of return on investment,- so it takes a good heart and guts to start such a ” Young Peoples Development Unit”,- which by time will benefit the whole country through capacity building, so much in need and under represented still in Myanmar 2017.

When I came back at 14:00 and the students were already 1 hours into their practical, all over was a pleasant fresh pastry smell. Wonderful ….In groups of 5 the students worked through the recipes, were guided by the two lectures and a staff. There was much fun and I got a feeling to join the course by myself.

Two and three day course are also on offer, it can be discussed which direction one likes to learn pastry & bakery … Modules from 1 to 10 are available and well booked. As Bread, Artisan Bread, Pizza, Cake, Cookies, Croissant, Puff & Chinese Pastry, Cake Decorations.

The difference lies already in the headlines which focus much and highlights on ” Baking Science & Technology “,- important to know in a modern world where Healthy Baking, eating and allergies are essential also for pastry chefs and bakers to know.  The 2 to 3 day courses are at 150.000 to 200.000 Kyat. As I just had been in Nay Pyi Taw and joined an International Congress at MICC 2 with coffee breaks from a ” so called 4 / 5 star hotel “. The pastry there presented was deepest Socialist style pastry, near not eatable – the Hotel with international management but as I learnt without a pastry chef at all, — might do good and send his chefs to the new CIM in Yangon.

Before I left we discussed with Miss Phyu Hnin Oo to establish in the next view weeks an extended program for the MCAC 2018 with new, or modified pastry classes for the MCAC 2018. Set with all MCA Pastry Alliance the rules and be there, ready for a well good 10 month training of students and pastry chefs to become winner & winning together.

Having this way also and in combination with other non conflicting food partners of MCA a good chance that special ” Competition Pastry Brush Up” classes could be at offer…..assisting Myanmar s young pastry chefs and winning together….. Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition 2018 is on…….

Next to regular part or full time culinary courses as well for pastry and bakery I suggested to think about the ” Dual Vocational Training System ” as in Germany or Switzerland with students being 5 days a week on their job, earn their needed money and one day at such – ” Theory & Practice ” over a period of two years and gain than after a final exam a similar certificate, as a German or Swiss apprentice,- as one of the best & sustainable vocational training.     

We also looked into the possibilities to support culinary classes or the set up of minimum standards to ensure also here as in Pastry only modern and international standard trainings,- with a view to WACS – World Chefs standards.

We are very happy to have now in Yangon such a future minded partner in the pastry and culinary field and we are high motivated to support such projects to grow and hopefully multiply to other parts of Myanmar for the benefit of the young people in upcountry and rural areas.      

We are looking much forward to more cross contacts and benefit for Myanmar s pastry & culinary scene and encourage every Pastry & Bakery Chef as well Executive or head Chefs to visit the Culinary Institute of Myanmar and see opportunities for everyone and every culinary business to gain from the standards set by Miss Phyu Hnin Oo and the Culinary Institute of Myanmar, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders

Yangon 19.6.2017 – Myanmar   

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