Tourism NO – But Profit, through Inventive Business Flexibility

Tourism NO – But Profit, through Inventive Business Flexibility

December 13, 2017 General News 0

Daw Shwe Ngwe,- MCA Mrauk Oo, Nortn Rakhine the great chef & young and energetic owner of the ECO Hotel Prince in Mrauk Oo, one of the most natural and meditative calm feeling Hotel in Mrauk Oo – at a spot near the top Sun View mountain and cooling old trees. The real Rakhine Forest style garden Hotel. Daw Shwe Ngwe is not only a great Chef and most caring host with all her 10 Rakhine staff to all Myanmar and Foreign Tourists. Daw Shwe Ngwe feels also responsible for all her staff in times when the business declines through the negative image of North Rakhine which includes Mrauk Oo since 2010 / 2012…….She said that all her staff are like a family from nearby villages a great team where laughing and singing over the day during duty is one signature and a sign of sustainable Management. She did not want to set off staff due to very little business since month,- so was looking instead pro active for an alternative income.  To cover cost and pay salaries as well Taxes as a FL17 cost 8 Lag a year,- if you sell Beer or not if there are Tourists or not licenses do not care much if business is good…..they must be paid she said.  Laughing loud and said :”… we actually never made even 8 lag Kyat profit a year to pay the Alcohol License – still we need to sell the beer and need to be legal...”  

Daw Shwe Ngwe took the pro active approach after the season 2017 / 2018 started with a disastrous near to no guests at all performance in Mrauk Oo and took on a crash course in Yangon for quality pastry and bakery training, bought good equipment at Perfect Company and taught all her staff in Bakery & Pastry — with a just two month performance the operation secured already many regular orders from Mrauk Oo and around Villages in hand. The project includes as well fantastic decorated Birthday cakes with delivery service as early as 6:00 am when the down is still hanging over the Nipa Palm river in front of the Prince Hotel Mrauk Oo.

This is real entrepreneurship at best, “Hats Up” to a strong Rakhine Hospitality Lady. Soft rolls, bans , toast bread are just some of the offer,- with best ingredients and rich recipes Daw Shwe Ngwe quickly conquers the existing market and not enough, steps into new village markets and have people waiting already for the daily fresh quality bread delivered by U Htun Shwe s ” Antic Motor Cycle “…. – The Prince Hotel guests get their benefit already while they enter the hotel or at the old grown Prince Hotel ” Forest Style Garden” , first time and all over the beautiful fresh yeast and baker smell, a want to try more of it feeling. Ma Shwe like to sell much more to village shops as they are ” more fair – raise the profit a bit and not that much as in Mrauk Oo near market which she sees as a not sustainable marketing,- right she is.

On the way to Sittwe we took some more long soft rolls, just freshly baked fantastic best quality products, a right time and wise step by Ma Shwe Ngwe and U Htun Shwe as sustainable business in hard tourism times as well a great healthy cuisine education to a whole region to care for good Bread and Pastry in and around Mrauk Oo Rakhine.

We wish Daw Shwe Ngwe & U Htun Shwe which also spends a lot of time for communities and in Rakhine living people through his role as ILO Ambassador to promote community business and rural area peoples development. U Htun Shwe and Daw Shwe Ngwe are great partner for aid, education and environmental issues of MCA Myanmar Chefs Association, World Chefs Without Borders for implementing parts of the Adidas , Football for in Rakhine villager projects as well is active for the MCA- WCWB Solar Lamps for rural area villages and has arranged already for over 1000 families all solar project conditions. Congratulation to both as they show very well that there is always a solution there is always a way, there is always a successful path  to run a company in Rakhine and secure all staff jobs also in incredible difficult times. It just depends on YOU ONLY to see, follow and gain for yourself as well arrange gains for others …

Take a Visit to Mrauk Oo and  Ma Shwe Ngwe and U Htu Shwe with staff at Prince Hotel Mrauk Oo,– help as many others to make this success in new business even more successful, – sure one of the best sustainable and most responsible Hotels in and around Mrauk Oo.


Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders

Yangon 3.12.2017      

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