NO injury – Rakhine School near Collaps with students. Chlorintated Beach Sand 1.12.17

NO injury – Rakhine School near Collaps with students. Chlorintated Beach Sand 1.12.17

December 1, 2017 Events General News 0

A Rakhine Primary / Middle School was closed due to: (just these days 29.12. – 1.12.2017)

—Poor Construction, ” endanger the Health & Live of Rakhine Students – construction issues “

is reported in a village. The Students are now all at the village Monastery to be able to continue their study at least…. /// Cracks in the RC 2nd floor and ceiling, and parts moved downwards some days ago ( around 29.11./ 30.11.17 ). :Lucky that no students are trashed under the concrete flaps … The School built with chlorinated ( salty ) beach sand might has been effected from eroding iron bars in the RC flap at upper floor. As the salt in Beach Sand eats up all iron, as well builds crystals and these have the power to brake wall plaster and RC beams and RC pillars if there is moister in the room. No question Rakhine gets moister enough specially in the 5 to 6 month rainy season.. and these open style schools. Rakhine Constructions due to contractors are also since many years know for changing the amounts of sand and cement, as well use thin or less iron bars,– even a big RC Bridge was partly built with bamboo sticks and all the money for iron bars and cement saved into a view pockets. Hard to say to whom, — so one thing stands clear and is sure: The GAD and Municipal , Construction department all have a SOP which highlights very well ”

Construction Quality Standards “ to be followed first as well to be inspected and constructions stopped and buildings turn down if dangerous to be used. NOT in Place – NOT Enforced…in Rakhine,– Poor, Low Cost, High Profit are the key words of Contractors in Rakhine State work close with relevant Rakhine Admin Staff ( all under Ministry of Home Affairs )

China is here a great example, any construction where salty – and chlorinated Beach sand is used or samples confirm,– the whole Building must be turned down — just happened to the supposed highest Building and Hotel in the world in Shanghai last year….

Wait for the next collapse of Schools or Hospitals in Rakhine

During the last Union & Rakhine Government several more schools and Hospitals were built through the local contractors also with Salty – Chlorinated Beach Sand from Rakhine beaches,– wait a view years and that State & Peoples money is wasted and so knowingly ” Miss use of State Funds ” ( a former Minister got for much more simple but miss use of state funds decades in prison by U Thein Seins Government — here endanger Rakhine students, Hospital Patients, Local & Foreign Tourists in Hotels the past 5 years built near all with salty chlorinated Beach Sand are treated as ” All OK we are God we  can do that in Rakhine – here are no quality checks Rakhine has NO Standards – NO Law Enforcement.

Little has changed,…. Union Ministers close the eyes & others fill illegal their pockets…

Despite much educational from experts and in several Official Rakhine Industry meetings with all Gov & private stakeholders, workshops, extensive reports and educational in Myanmar & Foreign media. Despite several great initiatives by President Thein Sein as well the leadership at Rakhine s Sittwe Government and Sittwe GAD excellent follow up for a legal, save and sustainability Rule of Law and development, — near nothing changed or was enforced in Rakhine Districts , Townships and Villages ( even NLD Village leader miss used the laws and orders – MOHT 2004 & Rakhine GAD 1.2015 ).  The present Government still had in no way chance to get law & order, commend sense or quality SOP s running in District, Township, Village leadership in Rakhine…

There are 3 to 5 Hotel and many Guesthouse projects at Rakhine Beaches near to be commissioned… by Rakhine and Union Ministers in charge…. lets see how they will play with fire and take the risk to endanger innocent peoples live and just give licenses away the next view weeks. By end of the year 2017 we will see who governs the country and states according to rule, law, commend sense and Construction SOP . Not the lowest quality standards are enforced all these here mentioned Hotels & Guest Houses were to 95 % built with salty – chlorinated Rakhine Beach Sand. The one Rakhine Village school now is just the beginning of a hopefully never deadly collapses. …. Guilty will be of course later no one all wash away with a long “…. jaaaaaa… waaaaa….deeee….” Mingalabar and make sure MTF, UMTA and MCC charge soon 1 $ US a night per Tourists for Marketing,– Myanmar & Rakhine might need this marketing sooner than later when than a Chlorinated Beach sand Hotel in Rakhine will collapses — we never wish that and it should never happen… better No License to the above 3 to 5 Hotels and many Guest Houses as they ignored and abused at near all time the 2004 MOHT and 2015 Rakhine GAD rules and law….. ///

Still a last question :”….. could a tourist get back the 1 $ US a night when he coincident gets into such a disaster of Salty Sand Built Rakhine Hotel collapses,—- or would MTF say once paid, it s NON Refundable ….. Welcome to Myanmar. Maybe first we make our Homework and than we charge Foreign Tourists for Marketing…. Sorry by 20 years missed to do the Homework….every one also or specially the private investor s … so keen to save money and NOT consider the consequences …      

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