WCWB-MCA & Interplast Germany 7th Rakhine FOC Health Mission Sittwe Rakhine Communities – Myanmar 18. to 28.2.2017

WCWB-MCA & Interplast Germany 7th Rakhine FOC Health Mission Sittwe Rakhine Communities – Myanmar 18. to 28.2.2017

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ating Normal for the 1. Time in Live  Sittwe…. 46th mission to Myanmar

For the 7th time Interplast Germany performed free of charge plastic surgery at Sittwe State Hospital through t he arrangements of WCWB-MCA & Alodawphye Civil Society with permits, temporary Drs licenses, patients info & selection, sponsor for shelter and food during the medical treatment and often travel arrangements or payments when people are very poor. Under Myanmar lead Dr Zin Myint Swe…

Young Chefs from Shan and Sittwe donated 500 kg rice for the feeding of the 280 patients & peoples at the Alodawphye monastery. Also daily meals for the German & Myanmar Drs were cooked here.

The 7th time to North Rakhine, – still we and no one ever had been at real north Rakhine just the edge with Sittwe State hospital again more patients than able to be operated in the 10 days at 3 tables. The Stuttgart / Nuernberg team under lead of Dr Caius Radu and last year lead Dr Michael Bergermann saw also first time a US Dr – Cohen Ruben a masco facile specialist for the many cleft pallets and lips. Andreas Mueller again for most of the special cases. mostly seen in high amount and rare cases in Rakhine State.

Free Operation cases at 107 patients – 137 operations

– 57 Cleft Lip s

– 38 Cleft Pallet s  ( including 30 CLP )

–   9 Burns

– 33 others ( Tumors, Neurofibroma, Club Foot, Club Hand )

Easy to imagine that the real North Rakhine state at Myanmar s western border township s Maungdaw and Bothitaung with new Hospitals will not only make patients travel much more easy and cost efficient, in these areas travel to Sittwe is not possible and so also the free operations are not possible. For 2017 November we discussed already to have a first team in either Maungdaw or Bothitaung Hospital. The MS of Bothitaung as surgeon learnt in 2001 with Interplast Munich in Sittwe how to operate Cleft Lip operations and performs such in Bothitaung Hospital.

The most far away patient came from Eastern Myanmar Shan state a small boy with heavy burns, hundreds of miles travel over three days. Several cases were from last years heavy cases and second or third operations were performed successful.

All 9 Meningoncele and Hydrocephalus were recorded and planned over the year send and financed through WCWB-MCA Myanmar to Yangon s Neurosurgery , Dr Myat Thu or at the annual Myanmar – Swiss Neurosurgery weeks in each October FOC operated and treated.  Over 300 FOC operations are done the past 15 years funded by Interplast Munich.

Sittwe again in 2018 is the clear request from the Rakhine society members, 28 patients left behind as to many came again as well some un fit for OP this time. This should see for the next season 2 teams to North Rakhine 1 for Sittwe as February 2018 and a possible Maungdaw – Bothitaung team in November 2017. Next to an October 2017 team split ” Kawthaung – Thandwe “.

Instead of Tachileik which has best facilities, super clean and great staff — so little own patients as at Thai Border FOC clinics solve most of the issues. Here it would be much better to move closer to the patients as in Kyainthong ( 500 bed ) where in rural area we have already over 100 cleft lip & pallet registered.   

Thank you to the Union & Rakhine Government, Ministries of Health and all involved to make this mission again possible the great work by U Pyinnya Sotha and all members of Alawdaphye Society.



Oliver E Soe Thet

President MCA , Global Board World Chefs Without Borders, Sittwe 28.2.2017, Myanmar  

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