MCA & World Chefs Without Borders, & Bago 1. Highschool 1969 – Old Students

MCA & World Chefs Without Borders, & Bago 1. Highschool 1969 – Old Students

November 26, 2017 Events General News 0

Arranged the 3rd plastic surgery mission for Bago State poor people on cleft lips, pallets, burns, thyroids, lipomas, bone fractures. After 2009 and 2011 we could arrange again a German specialist Plastic Surgery team to Bago, this time with a founding generation member of German Interplast Dr Klaus Exner, this time with his own plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery Drs, burn specialist Dr Lukas Prantl and main organizer Dr Evgeny Kunits.

287 patients were prepared and came to the screening   resulted in

80 patients and 108 operations ( most lip and pallet at once ), in 5 days 29.1. to 3.2.2017

– 39 cleft lips

– 37 cleft pallets

– 07 thyroids

– 10 orthopedic & hand surgeries

– 08 burn scars

– 07 Tumors 

Life changing for most, – leading to a normal life with most children operated with cleft lips and pallets,- the danger of ear infections in older age avoided – and eating normal for the first time in live. The Bago Old 1969 Students of 1. State High School again as our vocal ground partner again proved to be in their diversity sure among the best philanthropic groups in Myanmar. Highway Bus association, Rice traders association, Emigration, media Journalists, Construction, ” Big Boss ” Ph7 drinking water and the ever at service Ma Theint care the Drs team with tea, food and fruit all around the magic U Thet Naing and his wife Daw Mu an old grown together ” Wolf Pack ” giving their time for the poor with 50 other volunteers at Bago State Hospital.      

This was the second of such free of charge plastic surgery for the poor, Myanmar Chefs Association – MCA arranged this season under World Chefs Without Borders – WCWB and the permit of Union & Bago State Ministry of Health. Myanmar specialist Dr Zin Min Swe from Mandalay lead as Myanmar Dr the mission. For all German Dr s , MCA arranged through Myanmar Medical Council the temporary Drs license and the Myanmar Embassy in Berlin granted courtesy – invitation Visa.

We are happy to see the Frankfurt & Regensburg specialist Dr s again this year or in 2018 as Bago has much more patients to operate so MCA has requests from many other most rural areas for specialist Dr to operate people which do not have the money at all. And every day one goes for an operation does not earn money anymore in Myanmar as most are day labor.

Special thanks goes to Dr Ye Myint Tun and his Bago Hospital team for excellent cooperation and support all time – to all the OP and ward sisters often supported more than the usual duty hours. 14 of which were happy to join the German specialist Drs, & Dr Aung to the most holy Golden Rock as last days incentive and Mon State mountain sun set.. 

So was in Bago also the Chefs and 1. State High School 1969 old Students which prepared daily food in an organized shelter at Shwe Maw Taw pagoda ( the highest in Myanmar and 2nd highest globally ).

The first such mission was with Dr Heinz Schoeneichs team and Interplast Munich, 2nd time in November 2016 ( after 2015 ) in Myanmar most south rural area Myeik Archipelago.

The next mission for MCA – WCWB is already on the plate, – 18.2.2017 the 3rd this years plastic surgery team will arrive in Yangon with direct transfer to Sittwe and North Rakhine operations – where we arranged now 7 teams in 4 years, estimated 800 patients free of charge and still endless cases and people in need to change their daily live to a better . Until 28.2. in Sittwe followed by a

20 Years Interplast Germany – Myanmar 1997 / 2017

celebration in the ancient city of Bagan where 4 teams will come together and celebrate ” medical transfer of knowledge and round 6000 patients operated.  

From there we will welcome the 4th team for free operations in the Golden Tri Angle – Taschilake from 4.3. to 14.3.2017 with Dr Nuri Alamuti and Dr Peter Sieg from Luebeck.

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