Chefs Education Myanmar: WISH, USDA, MCA, Premium Distribution

Chefs Education Myanmar: WISH, USDA, MCA, Premium Distribution

November 26, 2017 Events 0

Service brought all together the past two days, 6. & 7.12.2016 in the Premium Show Kitchen for 42 Chefs & Pastry Chefs of Myanmar, show:

Benefits by Baking with Soy Flour

gain more profits, longer self live and higher yield next to the most important                                    

effect of baking Gluten Free, an important aspect in Myanmar s growing Tourism                           

Industry and ,more requests as such gluten free breads.  

Over the past month Mrs. Dee Richards and team put a series of certified culinary Master Trainings together in cooperation with Myanmar Chefs Association, leading the way through the next month s to June 2017 – 4th Food Hotel Myanmar & Myanmar culinary Arts Competition 7.6. to 9.6.2017 at Yangon MMC Convention Center. All Educational seminars with foreign Master Lecturer as here Dr Suresh Itapu Ph.D. from India.

On the invitation of MCA to join this free 2 day hands on seminar and MCA  financed highway bus tickets for up country chefs,- we saw next to the main Yangon crowd several Chefs of Nay Pyi Taw, Ngappali Beach and Inle Lake Shan State.

A part of a wide scientific part of the training looking into all health aspects while using Soy Flour and products, shelf live, better productivity and more yield = profit were the highlights.

At cakes, bread and cookies all chefs had best chance to work hands on in 5 groups,- a good team work effect of young Myanmar often saw each other the first time which resulted in a lot additional exchange of knowledge.

Anchor – Fonterra sponsored the Butter and Milk, Premium Distribution the venue, Chef Aghee arranged two days best snack lunch and Pastry leader Aghee arranged the Coffee Break sweet snacks. Chef Kaung Myat Thu and Chef Kaung Kyaing assisted Dr Suresh in all preparations and during the lessons.

WISHH and USDA supported with bilingual educational print outs of all lesson in English and Myanmar,– so was also the training all direct translated to grant the highest success and transfer of knowledge which resulted at each days end in many questions,- not the usual quiet at Q&A sessions a great success and stimulated many chefs and pastry chefs to make use of the Soy products to gain more profits, longer self live and higher yield next to the most important effect of baking Gluten Free, an important aspect in Myanmar s growing Tourism Industry and ,more requests as such gluten free breads.

Thanks to Mrs Dee, Mss Noon, Alan Phook, Dr Suresh Itapu Ph.D. for all knowledge brought.

See below the next show is on already and registration starts NOW at : & fax 01 501123 Ma Kay Khaing – MCA Office

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon 7.12.2016,

Register NOW before the Class is fully booked to

USA Poultry – Certified Masterclass 2017

10th & 11th January 2017

A master class session presented by USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) in using US poultry products and by-products for innovative cooking ideas and sharing of food safety knowledge.


10th- 11th January 2017 at Premium Test Kitchen

Unit No 1-3 Aung San Stadium, Gyo Phyu Road, Yangon

Key Note Speaker/Lead Trainer: Chef Eric Low, Founder, Lush Epicurean Culinary Consultancy

Chef Eric Low is a celebrity chef, WACS certified Judge and cookbook author whose culinary experiences in cooking with USA poultry products have empowered his audience of professional chefs, leisure cooks and amateurs the knowledge on the benefits of cooking and consuming USA poultry products.


Participants: Senior and/or Executive Myanmar Chefs

PROGRAM: Tuesday 10th January 2017

9:00 am Registration

9:30 am Welcoming and Opening Remarks by Ms Margaret Say, Regional Director, USAPEEC, South East Asia and Chef Olivier E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association


9:15 am USAPEEC Introduction and Video Presentation by Ms Margaret Say

9:45 am Master class introduction by Chef Eric Low

10:00 am Presentation 1: The world of food science and how it affects the foodservice industry from manufacturing to catering.


10:30 am Presentation 2: Culinary Artistry and the WACS Hot Cooking Competition Guidelines and Strategies

10:45 am Coffee Break

11:00 am Presentation 3: Basic Poultry Butchery

11:45 am Presentation 4: Hygiene and Storage/ Cook Chill and regenerate strategies discussion

USA Beef – Certified Masterclass 2017

planned for May 2017


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