lMCA – Oliver Charity Cooking Kings Funeral – Bangkok 25. -26.10.17

lMCA – Oliver Charity Cooking Kings Funeral – Bangkok 25. -26.10.17

October 26, 2017 Events 0
Also MCA Chefs are helping at the Charity Cooking ( 40.000 portion of 100.00 to poor ) during the Thailand s King Bumiphol  funeral 25. & 26.10.2017… 

Oliver E Soe Thet with World Chefs Without Borders at the event arranged by Thai Chefs Association, WCWB, Event 9. 

10.000 dumplings = 1030 number per hours can be steamed,- 1200 Ducks roasted and cut for 9.000 portion,- 10.000 Eggs poached, 240 Ltr sauce a meal.

99 International chefs support active this once in a lifetime event in Thailand under the lead of WCWB Chairman Chef Willment Leong.

Work days start at 3:30 am Lunch and Dinner is served at the Royal Palace in Bangkok. 

Best Culinary Greetings , yours 

Oliver E Soe Thet 

President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board member, World Chefs Without Borders

Bangkok 25.10.2016

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